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promnight last won the day on June 6 2006

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  1. promnight


    RIP YNOT...met the man last year in town for a wedding. solid kid, solid work...what a fucking shame.
  2. promnight

    marlboro country (virginia)

    gamephace...readin a bit too much into that one. I started this thread something like 6 or 7 years ago...I have no affiliation with MC and named it, rather, after an old marlboro slogan, seeing as virginia runs on tobacco money...
  3. promnight

    marlboro country (virginia)

    right next to a jamz over jems. oh kiddies.
  4. promnight

    marlboro country (virginia)

    yeh he wrote phable way back in the day...as well as ten other names...dudes allways tight nomatter what word hes using..
  5. promnight

    marlboro country (virginia)

    repay and que...
  6. promnight

    marlboro country (virginia)

    was the rest of that halloween train on the interweb? don't think I ever got to see it in the light of dayyyy
  7. promnight

    marlboro country (virginia)

    <br> <br> <br> the homies
  8. promnight

    marlboro country (virginia)

    yes, that used to be a legal...many moons ago...
  9. promnight

    marlboro country (virginia)

    damn slangdick....you forgot to date that shit lik ahem did....now when that shit rolls by no one's gonna know when it was painted...
  10. promnight

    marlboro country (virginia)

    there's a sale on swiffers at target right now...that'll get you started...just read the directions...or ask your buddies at the precinct.
  11. promnight

    marlboro country (virginia)

    no worries bizack...and yeah...respect streaks...they're easy to go around/avoid...
  12. promnight

    marlboro country (virginia)

    wierd coincidence fox...I've been in dc for 2 years, and i am officially back in the river city...as of today....
  13. promnight

    marlboro country (virginia)

    that shot of the montana rail link is sick...i know it's prolly one of the stolen ones, but daaaang.
  14. promnight

    GREEN TABLE 4-19-07

    sime over a mel/oops?