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Everything posted by promnight

  1. RIP YNOT...met the man last year in town for a wedding. solid kid, solid work...what a fucking shame.
  2. gamephace...readin a bit too much into that one. I started this thread something like 6 or 7 years ago...I have no affiliation with MC and named it, rather, after an old marlboro slogan, seeing as virginia runs on tobacco money...
  3. right next to a jamz over jems. oh kiddies.
  4. yeh he wrote phable way back in the day...as well as ten other names...dudes allways tight nomatter what word hes using..
  5. was the rest of that halloween train on the interweb? don't think I ever got to see it in the light of dayyyy
  6. yes, that used to be a legal...many moons ago...
  7. damn slangdick....you forgot to date that shit lik ahem did....now when that shit rolls by no one's gonna know when it was painted...
  8. there's a sale on swiffers at target right now...that'll get you started...just read the directions...or ask your buddies at the precinct.
  9. no worries bizack...and yeah...respect streaks...they're easy to go around/avoid...
  10. wierd coincidence fox...I've been in dc for 2 years, and i am officially back in the river city...as of today....
  11. that shot of the montana rail link is sick...i know it's prolly one of the stolen ones, but daaaang.
  12. It seems like only yesterday I was hangin' out with my dog ManPooh. sheeeeeeiiiitttt
  13. promnight


    guess I heard wrong, either way threatening to do it is still lame, just trying to get shit straight...haven't been out that way in a minute, so all I have to by is the sweet 'ol interweb. thanks for not dissing me, my shits ugly, but it has a really good personality.
  14. those pepsi murals have been getting gone over like crazy in dc...nmph, next time I'm up in minneapolis, I'm making a special trip to your city to give you a high five, then just heading home. shit's nuts. -theoneups
  15. promnight


    If anyone can get flicks pm me and I'll give you an e-mail or something...posting em here would give them the much needed e-fame...but I'd atleast like a pic of mine (wings, "s" spilling a 40) to see what they did to it.
  16. promnight


    albertski....I believe it was you...or maybe just your boys dissed my piece on the old sin city wall...and that ran a long time, and honestly I could give a shit...but A. it's a memorial wall and you being "all city" and shit can probably find another super chill cutty wall spot, so leave it the fuck alone. B. You don't know me, and have no reason to hack my shit...you do it again, and I will make a personal effort to get to know you...just paint and have fun, and don't tell people to stop talking tough if you're gonna keep spouting shit like that last post. Signed lovingly, and non-anonymously, hiphoprepae
  17. mr radio killin it with the l33t d00dz
  18. promnight


    stop posting in every tri-state thread. no one cares.
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