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  1. @B O J A N G L E Z @ms.seyer @Harvey Wallbanger @bloodfarts @watson @IOU @IrishCarBombs @Swindle @bfish @IHATEU @Manute Bol @SwampFightOner (RIP) and many more whose handles i can't remember
  2. I thought my friday couldn't get any better, then i come on the oontz and see DAO is still alive and posting, and he blessed us with some sik graff'n'loosejeans
  3. @Mercerhttps://youtube.com/clip/UgkxVap3gzoX2sWX6e09AsJUgjRQqjOMNABb
  4. Working, or better yet pretending to work while I surf the oontz
  5. dear everyone, WHAT'S GOOD!? the blackboat is back muh fuckaz. -love bbs!
  6. MOTHER FUCKING SEGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hopefully now he will be on fire, and light a fire under all our other top scorers asses so they get into the fucking game on wednesday. and hopefully thomas wont let in bullshit goals.
  7. philly philly philly!!! and nice passes by vancouver, followed by the almost knocked out of air goal by h sedin. quick could have had it if he wasn't bumped a bit and had to get back up and turn around and dive. 4th line for the kings is really trying to get them back into it.
  8. philly is lighting fluery up. and making the pens defense look stupid. a lot of bitch hits from the pens. they are visibly upset. asham with a bitch cross check to the throat. followed by punching a dude who is laying flat on the ice... c'mon son! that glove flicking shit from crosby was some cry-baby shit. like "i'm butthurt because you guys are making us look stupid. so im gonna push your glove away like a 3 year old" nice goal by neal... maybe the pens can get back into this. haha nevermind, fluery needs to be pulled.
  9. great wings v predators game. :lol: :lol: :lol: @ the horrid goaltending already in this flyers v. pens game... WOW. 2 really easy saves that turn into goals.. haha. great scrum/fight after that goal on fluery though.. loving the hate between these teams. doing nothing but drinking/eating/watching hockey all day / night is a good day.
  10. :lol: the fuck kind of name is grtis? did he forget a letter on the birth certificate?
  11. next season gonna be dope. prison, governor.... more michonne.. rick going deeper into his nutso personality... they should just kill off lorie (make the show 100x better and give t-dog more lines) when the baby is born, like throw it back to 1700's when ladies died giving birth... no one wants to listen to her chicken squaks anymore... 'kill shane' 'omg you killed shane... *mad face that looks like normal face*
  12. ^^ best start to a game in a long time carter destroyed. AND THEY WANNA BAN FIGHTING? :lol: :lol:
  13. now lets see those nig nogs run from pigs like that. even the 300lb pig is gonna catch them. oh shit it's the po-po run! - one guy trips and bam.. bowling pin effect all of em are down :lol: :lol: and :lol: @ the fact it seems like they are wearing their sisters leggings under them jeans.
  14. guess she doesn't like imaginary banjo band.
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