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  1. ^ i can see that shit happening.
  2. walter white will die... brian cranston said it himself in like 5 interviews already.. and he's the actor who plays walter white, so he knows the character best... besides vince gilligan. or it could just be brian fucking with people and throwing everyone off track. it's breaking bad, so some shit no one sees coming is going to happen. like skylar taking over and killing off both of them.
  3. no. it'll be back mid 2012 sometime... i haven't found an exact start date yet.. ok br0z. production for season 5 started just a month ago, if i remember correctly because they said early 2012. but the episodes themselves will start to air mid 2012... so... sometime shortly. and it's only coming back for a 16 episode 5th season... so savor these up coming 16 episodes. because they will be the last... ===AMC announced the renewal of its acclaimed series Breaking Bad this weekend, adding that the 5th season would be its last. Throughout its run, the show has garnered critical and viewer acclaim, and has been instrumental in AMC’s rise in the original programming scene. Breaking Bad‘s fifth season will consist of 16 episodes – three more than we saw in seasons 2 – 4 (season 1 was only 7 episodes) . The extended order should give the writers some extra room to wrap up the series. The final episodes will begin airing in mid-2012. The show has been a critical hit, winning six Emmy awards in three years. Series lead Bryan Cranston (who plays mild-mannered-school-teacher-turned-ruthless-meth-maker Walter White) has won Outstanding Lead Actor for an incredible three years running. The Season 4 premiere on July 17th scored an impressive (by cable standards) 2.6 million total viewers. Creator Vince Gilligan had this to say on ending the successful series: It’s a funny irony — I’d hate to know the date of my own last day on earth, but I’m delighted to know what Walter White’s will be (episodically speaking). This is a great gift to me and to my wonderful writers. It’s knowledge which will allow us to properly build our story to a satisfying conclusion… I’m lucky to get to work with them on sixteen more episodes, and I will always be grateful to both AMC and Sony Television, who from the beginning, believed in our show and supported me creatively and professionally. We have been able to take risks with Breaking Bad which would not have been possible on other networks. Some may balk at ending such a well-received show after only five years, and it would certainly be possible to extend it for at least another few seasons. The decision probably sprung somewhere between AMC’s continually tightening purse-strings and Breaking Bad writer/producer/director Vince Gilligan’s desire to end the series on a high note. As a fan of Breaking Bad and its characters, I must say I’m excited to see the series end on a definitive and intentional timetable. Too many excellent shows are drawn out long past their sell-by date, ending on a protracted and sour final season. In the case of Breaking Bad, at least, viewers will be treated to a complete (and hopefully satisfying) story. ok.. we all know either jesse is going to kill walt, or walt will kill jesse. and that is how the whole series will end, with either jesse taking over, or walt becoming supreme meth leader for all of the south... via los pollos y mike... also like husk said, i see mike and hank being br0s or cousins... and mike pulling hank into the business fully. and that awkward moment when walt finds out hank has known all along. i can't wait it's gonna be 16 episodes of pure fucking awesome television. no other network can make a show as awesome as B.B ever... like the simpsons... it's gonna be "breaking bad already did it"
  4. facial hair nonsense, that girls ogre face.. :yuck:
  5. you never know... someone might drop a bomb... last night was shameful.. the B's could have played a thousand times better. they need to get some energy and confidence going and get their groove back.
  6. nonsense is that you know that, and told everyone.
  7. bump for the home boy. http://soundcloud.com/uncovered-3rd/cesar-luciano-im-on-it
  8. this goal was out of this world nice. backstrom had a great game that game. but hopefully the bruins put some pep in their step with the win last night. found my stash of NHL player cards. even found the whole case of french ones.. got over like 30,000+ cards... gonna take the next couple weeks to go through em all... will take flicks of the good ones for you guys.
  9. http://watchseries.eu/new shows up, minutes/hours after they air. lots of solid working links. also, this sundays episode looks good. shane and rick gonna fight over olive oil!
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