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  1. Black for the top and don't waste your time with these other colour krinks k60 silver is fucking perfect.
  2. https://forum.12ozprophet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_03/3628D5D1-06D4-4304-92F0-833C1980488F.thumb.jpeg.e07c876b873a0d0b2025501dfb8fa69f.jpeg @ray40 Bottom right corner, you almost got it. Fix the y to be the same size(width) as your other two and you will have a decent straight letter...also you don't ask the rents for supplies...you rack them. Michael's is the easiest place to rack from if you are in the US
  3. not sure what they looked like before but I would say to keep it simple. Try to emulate a font with proper stems, cap height, meanline, baselines etc. then you can start adding flare to that...or you can use the "stacking boards method" then add flare to that. Google all shit if you don't know what I'm chatting about. Not sure if that is pencil but I would recommend using pen to practice.... One more thing. The answers on that sheet are Sour Patch Kids, Kit Kat, Salt and Vinegar Chips and Doritos because I have no idea what go gurts are.
  4. Honestly dude you are going to get killed. Read this thread from start to finish. NEVER go under, lie under or cross under trains. It's always up and over. Make sure you are only climbing one car and that you are clear from the car it is attached to. I've climbed over cars that seemed to be dormant with no real sounds in the yard and all of a sudden they were bumped. So if you look at the two Auto Racks together with the ICH throwie on it. You climb up the one car and stick to the one. However, I wouldn't even fuck with these two...too tight of a space so if that Church car gets bucked you potentially could get crushed between them or hit your head making you flatter than your first girl friend. . I would find a better gap to cross. Like the other two pictures I posted. Covered Hoppers, tankers, centerbeams and flats are much safer to get through. One more thing. Never get comfortable, lazy or impatient. I have spent way too much time in the yards. I know every type of car, their layout, where you can step, where you can't etc. That only applies if that car is as it should be. I almost died when I was going between two cars on a moving freight (also stupid) because the ladder that was supposed to be there was missing a rung and I was going by what was normally there, not what was actually there. I fell backwards and just barely kicked off the one car and landed between the two moving freights. A half an inch closer and I would have been this guy.
  5. lol damn son...you're making me wanna quit now lol.
  6. Has there been any good hardcore to come out since 2014? Used to love X Tyrant X, First Blood, Shockwave, For the Fallen Dreams, In Blood We Trust etc...Would love to hear some new breakdowns.
  7. Also if you are ever thinking about posting your own work....make sure you remove all the properties off of your photos. https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-remove-personal-data-from-image-files/
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