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St Lucia vs S.F?


St.Lucia or S.F  

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Where should the whiz and I go this year? I fucking hate being a shit bag tourist in the resorts down south. I've done the mexican,dominican things before and felt like a shit head.



I want to go some where that will be warmer then the east coast in the fall,have some culture maybe rap tagz something.

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i wish K



trip I knew you'd be supportive of sf



home girl does not like the things I like about citys,aka the grime and the rap tagz....so hows the shopping and where can i ditch her while I get arrested?


I have nightmares about getting locked up abroad. That said if you already got a couple felonies you wouldnt want to catch #3 in California either. I say St Lucia. SF is pretty chill as far as a city is concerned but at the end of the day its still just a city. I guess if you dont live in one its a change of pace but vacation for me is getting out of the city and preferably on a white sand beach somewhere with them big ass sunsets and drunk all day gaming broads thats I can sex and never have to see again

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if you haven't been to SF, go there

it's one of the world's great cities.


i haven't been to st.lucia, but from what i've heard and what i know from my own carribbean trips, it's mostly the same shit: a gorgeous beach and drinks.. so SF has much more to do and see.

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bellymounts....she's watched me do some real shitty things in the fucken hammer brah....you know diiizzz!



Shes into the idea of SF, She likes seeing new cities...aslong as I'm on my best behaviours cause running in 6 in lamb pumps isn't her thing!



I think I'll save Lucia for the honeymoon.



Sf seems fucking expensive

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