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  1. dat lemmings double ladder fork lift tho
  2. deadlifts + squats, that's the answer to everything started my regime after 1.5 yrs off today I'm pretty humbled by the weight i'm lifting - it's amusing. I also almost slipped and killed myself in the shower after legs and chest today. contemplating creatine, but i feel like that's kinda a krink question in this thread, i'll figure it out.
  3. I'm totally falling in love with this stripper i've been fucking, it's bad and this thread title always makes me think of it. So naturally this seemed like an appropriate place to leave this also @5:56
  4. never heard anything but "turkey in the straw" from an ice cream truck in my life
  5. Re: random thoughts people die wearing roller blades
  6. The Vanishing (1988) or Spoorloos - not the 1993 remake.
  7. the zoom effect on these rycore kicks is out of this fucking world
  8. whoever made this can have all my internets
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