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  1. ^^^ For the record we were like 18 or younger when that shit happened. Maybe 2000. Was also around the time he showed me this bullshit site for the first time too. Though I definitely laughed at him for looking at a stupid chatroom
  2. Hey dowmagik I sent you a pm. Hit me back if you get the chance. Just want to hear from somebody who knows what happened. On a side note JT was one of the few people in this world whose ass I really beat. Like double black eyes and broken ribs beat. He seemed like he wanted it to happen (pushed me and spit at me til I had no real choice) and then acted like it was all good the next time I saw him. Fucking weird memory. Though he did tell a few people he was going to shoot me afterwards. HAHA. Crazy dude. I don't even remember why he was so pissed. RIP JT
  3. Wow I'm bugging out. This thread is the first I heard of this and JT was actually an old friend of mine. We used to smoke weed and do bad graffiti when we were 14. He lived in this huge apartment building in boston that was a pretty legendary spot to paint and drink and do whatever. We used to be able to just walk up there whenever and find people painting or a party happening. Drunk girls all over the place and no one ever called the cops. Anyway it was awesome and I'm super sad to hear this news. Even though we went different ways and hadn't talked in years(beyond a couple messages on her
  4. Just signed in for the first time in months to say... "ughhhhhhhhhhh" Getting sober is cool and all but you seem like you kinda suck. Way too full of yourself.
  5. Amazing how quick you go from being a whiny bitch to bragging. Officiating was obvious bullshit (in both ways though I'm sure you're a solid enough fan to see it that way). Pats fans are still here and we're still gonna whoop you in the playoffs. Watch.
  6. Wait...what? A year? I thought this was the last season?
  7. Tom Brady is better than ever. That shit is obvious. And our D will be dramatically improved from last year. Middle of the pack in yards, but we'll be better than that in points allowed (as usual). I will laugh at you when the pats whoop your ass.
  8. YESSSSSSS! Win or lose I'm fucking proud of these guys. GO CELTICS!
  9. GO C's! I don't expect us to win the series, but I'd love to steal home court. I'm looking for Pierce to show up big tonight.
  10. Have you thought about taking her to the bone zone?
  11. Yeeaaaaaaaaaaaah......no "Oh some dude I don't know who makes mediocre (at best) music wants me to pay for his album art? Definitely count me in."
  12. Rondo was soooo clutch last night. 9 straight points after pierce fouled out. And that deep 3 was just ridiculous. Was a great series. But I knew the big three era wasn't going to end last night.
  13. PS- Where the fuck is swamp? Can't believe we haven't heard a peep all playoffs..
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