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Everything posted by belmonts

  1. T P W F no innernet-as-a-kid-muhfucka!!
  2. Give DAO her #, he'll slide her into his JNCO'S and Badda-boom! Problem solved. Don't ever say that oontzers aren't looking out for their own
  3. A utilitarian whiskey. You coins brush your teeth with it.
  4. Disregard soiled feet, aquire child support payment
  5. Dang! Cheeto royalty with that bling!
  6. Haha! I do this too! I'll add obscure non-grocery items in her hand writing
  7. I'd pee in some of those girls butts
  8. Or was that Caligula? Too much time has gone by
  9. Damnit! Casek still likes the chubby gyals!
  10. Smaller portions of healthier food(compared to what I used to eat) throughout the day are making me feel great. Better sleep, more energy, and the idea that I'm making the healthy/smart choice is helping my attitude. Now I just need to quit smoking!!! I know I'm over it but it's second nature.
  11. I wonder if I can get away with doing even less at work tm
  12. Having a tasty pint at a quiet pub after a shit day of work.
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