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The diarrhea spot


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I've traveled to alot of cities and eaten a gang of shitty food. I know every city has a spot that you eat at when your wasted, full well knowing you are going to bottom out the next day and blast mad ass!





Is that spot here



spit mother fuckers wheres it at

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oahu hawaii---zippy's at pearlridge mall, and the one on south king st. in makiki. not all zippy's are bad, but those 2 gave me food poisoning. also L&L in waipahu.


atlanta, ga---wendy's in the west end, also mrs. winners in thomasville. every time.


brooklyn, ny--the white castle on myrtle ave near pratt institute. thought i was gonna die.


jacksonville, fl--crystal burger on beach blvd. kicked my ass.


i pretty much eat something that makes me sick in every city i go to. ironically, i've visited 2 "3rd world" countries and never had the runs in either of them.

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HAHAHA! What the fuck?


"You know I thought we'd do something special for Valentine's Day, so I got us reservations..."


Fuck outta' here!

I mean, any girl I date would think it's amusing, but come on.

I think she'd be happier with me taking her to some dive bar with good nachos and buying her some ice cream.

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Not for a while but I did walk past there last night after they were closed. They're about 500 times cleaner than they used to be, so we made amends.


If you ever went there in the mid 90s you'd understand what I was talking about. I was eating upstairs one night around the time I started working as a messenger....someone asked me to pass the hoisin sauce, and when I went to hand it to him it turned out to be a 170 pound cockroach.

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yo, watch out for that pizza pizza cheese...it will turn on you. shit happened so fast I had to run out of St. George station headed for the tim hortons bathroom and I couldn't even make that. had to pop a squat in the middle of a damn parking lot next to the station. it was foul. I swear I was about 15 seconds away from shitting myself.

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dude, that taco bell cheese is way worse...


i once ate an overload of said taco bell, went home, & took a massive shit


at the last wipe, i felt like i was pulling silly putty out of my ass. it turned out to be the processed cheese - the same bright yellow colour, that gained strength in numbers while churning in my stomach

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I work at at restaurant & chef took some red hot chilies & made a dragon punch. (a citrus drink with hot peppers basically) & I woke up this morning, sat on the toilet and .05 seconds into my fart, I was totally clean. complete blowout. 14 days for Activa? fuck that- dragon punch!

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