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mad drips

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  1. mad drips


    I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul
  2. mad drips

    ~~Summer of 30~~

    happy dirty 30 cali "im da best mayne...i deeed it"
  3. mad drips


  4. mad drips

    Don't Call it Frisco

    Taf ICR
  5. Re: Oh hey dow what are you doing??? damn dude.....sik dripz son! I like that throwup!
  6. mad drips

    Toys post here...

    cuz the last one, had some wierd shit going on with it. like I kept getting spam messages and stuff.
  7. mad drips

    Toys post here...

    for simples, would you recommend starting with blockbuster letters or keyboard simples?
  8. mad drips


  9. this times inifinity plus cats that start listening to underground rap, because one or two people do... get minds of your own people!
  10. mad drips

    Graffiti Supply Stores (Not sites)

    any supply shops on the sf bay peninsula, besides the san mateo zoo?
  11. mad drips

    Santa Clara County

    is there a san mateo country thread, I got some pics...