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  1. you're as unforgettable as that piece of rice that's been stuck under the table of a Chinese restaurant for the past 5 years.
  2. Hi guys. Are people still peeing chicks butts who have Cheeto feet? And Where my green tic tacs go?
  3. Equals Howard-wolowitz-the-big-bang-theory-16865313-930-1
  4. I was at picnic day too. Didn't wanna wait in the long line to see the dog races in the auditorium so ended up watching the dogs do tricks in the field outside and watched the helicopter land at the firehouse.
  5. Hi guys! :handpointright::handok:
  6. Don't really post much in this thread, but here are a few cars i get to play with at work, and some i don't. The Turbo V6 suprised me on this one. I'm still trying to sell this one... Has a built in fire place and a hide-away 42 inch TV. with BOSE surround sound, LED lighting, Nintendo Wii-U, PS4, 4 captain chairs, and a fold-up queen size bed in the rear. this one sat for 6 weeks at the store waiting for customs paper work. Its on it's 2 month trip to Dubai. And any hardore VW fan's, here's a 2015 GTI on it's cross country r
  7. p.s. sorry bout the large pictures. too lazy to resize. deal with it
  8. Haven't posted in a good while... I only get one day off a week for work, decided to go visit some people I've neglected to visit in a while... But woke up late in the day, went and got some Ethiopian food for lunch... When I drove into the cemetery I didn't fully realize how big the place is, so I decided drive around the place... It's eerily nice... had a peek in a few of these... Some of the tombstones. Doggy tomb Open crypt... Lets have a look inside... Nothing! Throw-back tombstones Beautif
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