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  1. 😂 My daughter painted her with nail polish and tried to feed her popcorn. Poor dog is tired of her shit.
  2. Managed to pin down my daughter so i can change her diaper. She shits herself and when I ask her "diaper?" She starts giggling and takes off running, leaving a trail of poop smell behind her.
  3. you're as unforgettable as that piece of rice that's been stuck under the table of a Chinese restaurant for the past 5 years.
  4. Hi guys. Are people still peeing chicks butts who have Cheeto feet? And Where my green tic tacs go?
  5. Equals Howard-wolowitz-the-big-bang-theory-16865313-930-1
  6. I was at picnic day too. Didn't wanna wait in the long line to see the dog races in the auditorium so ended up watching the dogs do tricks in the field outside and watched the helicopter land at the firehouse.
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