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  1. im ridin round and im gettin it
  2. anil gupta's a boss. look at his work apart from the micro tats he kills it. i saw him getting tattooed by guy/filip/booth/jack. if the only tattoo i had was from those 4 dudes i wouldnt be rushing out to get covered in a bunch of other rubbish either. also nice bob shaw pic! wanted to add i think ben grillo is one of the best doing it right now. both deserve respect. grillo's stuff might be more what's "in" or something maybe that's another reason he gets a pass for tiny tats and anil gets crumbed on.
  3. i like how mclovin lives on momona street. momona means "fat" in hawaiian. my screen name means like "rascal" or "mischief maker" in hawaiian.
  4. honestly no your boy isn't on the right track at all. if he's tattooing less than 1yr, he shouldnt have even tried those tattoos. way beyond his skill level. when i started learning almost 13yrs ago my mentor only let me do quarter-size kanjis, hearts butterflies etc.. i got impatient and decided to do big pieces at home on my friends. now i'm super embarassed of those tattoos and realize i never should've done them back then. i hope your boy will be embarassed for posting those on here someday, that would mean he's really on the right track. for now dude just needs to fall back and work hard on his drawing cause his drawing and his tattooing both fall way short of being a professional right now. ps--had to add that before i even got to do the quarter size kanjis i spent like 8 months being the errand boy scrubbing tubes and all that. so i would say that whoever is apprenticing homeboy is letting him bite off way more than he can chew which i dont personally feel is the right way to teach someone. baby steps mang.
  5. thanks kickfiend! i only saw a flick of that first skul once before in like 98 or 99. tight work!
  6. ps...someone post some skul!!
  7. this was always my fave tase. check the phobe tag in the lower right corner, also rebel tag creeping above. btw kickfiend that was a nice run of flix i missed all those on the last page til now. i'm not even sure if i did that throwie or if gauze put me up...actually looks too sloppy for gauze must have been me lol!! good thing i quit drinking.
  8. nice. the task/kush/cas wall came out tight to.
  9. i thought that pic above was about how white people love the redsox. the only time boston suburb townies have something good to say about black dominicans is if they're hitting homeruns for the saaahx dudeguy.
  10. while i got a scanner here...not new, but still gauze. fools are killing it. i loved that stoe tropicana. all the usual suspects looking fresh-- are, mdk, sb, really like gheto's new stuff, estilo, some of the youngsters...big up to everyone doing it and everyone who did it in the field
  11. gauze smear konekt4 level 5 ...miami 2k11
  12. is this mike brown who used to work for south china sea, good time charlies etc.? i was fortunate enough to meet that dude when he was working at skin deep in honolulu. a tattooer's tattooer. that's a big loss RIP!!!
  13. any or all of the above. in jail you still have soap and water. also sometimes you can get listerine at the commissary to cut the ink which disinfects it--they also make graywash with ink and listerine. i'd never get a tattoo in jail but thats how they don't end up looking like that (except when they do end up looking like that lol)
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