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  1. I get annoyed, but it ain't my money, so fuck 'em. we have a 24 oz, bone-in CAB cowboy ribeye right now & it's $39.00. most people get it MR, a few medium, a few rare & seldom med well or well, but it still happens. I like medium myself... Medium = warm pink center, MR is warm red center... steaks that are brown/grey all the way through are nasty.
  2. Food Network booked him to be a judge on Iron Chef America sometime this year.
  3. dry sockets get the gas face. especially when you abuse the very pills they give you to treat the dry sockets. thank god for alieve. only pill that did shit & that shit is OTC. oh & if you have insurance impacted is what you want. impacted = covered, not impacted = you pay thousands...
  4. TOP CHEF, and trying to decide if I should begin a "Dinner for Schmucks SUCKED!!!" thread...
  5. OREO's are done, son. Newman-O's are the shit (with cherry ice cream)
  6. A HA! nothing like a dude with a puffy mullet getting down on a giant keyboard.
  7. fuck reg. coke & diet coke. reg coke & all US colas = high fructose corn syrup diet drinks = aspertine (sp?) if you have to, shop for Mexican Cokes. They have REAL cane sugar. worth it.
  8. Weekends = Home Depot & Bed Bath & Beyond... If you know what a "thread count" is, you're fucked.
  9. I work at at restaurant & chef took some red hot chilies & made a dragon punch. (a citrus drink with hot peppers basically) & I woke up this morning, sat on the toilet and .05 seconds into my fart, I was totally clean. complete blowout. 14 days for Activa? fuck that- dragon punch!
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