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Everything posted by Getoe

  1. Look at all that nip tuck. Homeboy is ballin' out of control.
  2. Fagnets, how do they work?
  3. If that doesn't catch a ban I'm going back to posting tits.
  4. Re: Android iPad... the aPad... half the price of iPad... better? This looks great but I think I'm just gonna get the Droid X. If that was a phone I'd be all over it.
  5. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to watson again.
  6. Getoe


    I see toys in your target demographic.
  7. Nail clippers and a 3 legged dog for me.
  8. Wasn't as bad as the dead raped baby pics but that was pretty fail.
  9. I'm getting my nuts tazered RIGHT NOW.
  10. Oh hey Canadian population, why so low?
  11. http://mastersofnothing.ytmnd.com/
  12. Oh is this the Jason Mraz thread?
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