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Danger Says Ray J is Creepin’ With Young Buck................

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Danger Says Ray J is Gay, Creepin’ With Young Buck — Ray Denies Her Claims spacer.gif




Former "For the Love of Ray J" girl, Danger, has been making a lot of headlines lately. While the biggest story has been about her losing custody of her first child, the most recent news grabber comes from her airing out Ray J. During a recent interview with Devyn's Playground Radio show on 92.5 in Los Angeles, Danger (real name: Monica Leon) got the rumor mills churning when she claimed Ray J was gay.

According to the former reality show contest, the singer has been creeping with a famous rapper for years now, and she wants him to 'fess up.

"Ray J's gay. ... Ray J's lover of years is Young Buck," Danger claimed. "Young Buck and Ray J, they've been going strong, f***in' with each other for years. Young Buck does not have one percent of what Ray J. It's like Ray J, you're not looking out for your boy? What's up with that? That's f***ed up.

"Baby, just tell everybody: you like d*** too. It's ok," she later added.

Danger says she's been keeping Ray's dirty secret under wraps since appearing on his show, but decided to expose it because Ray continues to use her for publicity, and she's tired of it.

"Ray, I love you, I respect you. But, after the two years of 'Danger Smashed Da Homie' t-shirts, what I had to go through for the season, me being pregnant by Gabriel, and you claiming it was yours everywhere on Earth, f***in' up my relationship with Gabriel because he's like 'No, I got you pregnant,' " Danger began. "... To not respect the fact that you're selling me everywhere -- look, listen n****, I'm not a pimp hoe. You're not gonna pimp me. I'm not Kim Kardashian. I'm not Maia Campbell n****. I am Monica Leon n****, aka Danger. I made you relevant again. You're gonna respect me..."

Listen to Danger's interview on Devyn's Playground Radio

[/url] Shortly after hearing about Danger's interview, Ray J hopped on the radio with TT Torrez to address the matter, denying the claims outright, but said he's still cool with her.

According to Ray, Danger previously threatened to spread the rumors when he failed to return several of her phone calls. Still, he claims he was surprised she actually made good on her threats.

"I still got love for Danger and that's my peoples, but I didn't return none of her calls in the past two or three weeks, so she threatened to say 'Yo, I'm gonna tell people you're gay,'" Ray J stated. "She went along with it and actually did it! I'm not gay, but at the same time, I got love for gay people because I work with gay people...

"I got her back even though she's going through some things right now. Sometimes that happens with new stardom and I'm not gone leave her behind and I'm not gone leave her in the dust. We both upset with each other, but it's OK because I'm going to work it out with her soon and we gonna be friends again."

Is Ray J Gay?











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Ray's famous sister, Brandy, weighed in as well, backing up her brother's claims about returning Danger's phone calls.

"I need for Danger to watch her tongue!!! To say my brother is gay because he didn't return her calls is DUMB.. Go get Help!!!" Brandy tweeted (@4everBrandy) on Monday (January 11). "Y'all know I don't feed into negativity, but I have a soft spot for Ray J..."

Former G-Unit member Young Buck also stepped up to the plate to clear his name after hearing the news. Via his Twitter page (@YoungBuckMarley), the rapper said he was shocked, before explaining he isn't the "Young Buck" Danger is referring to.





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WOW this broad is kinda busted.


if that bitch is as naggy and over-the-top hoodrat in real life as she is on text, no wonder why he went to the cock. the fuck does she think she is, mike tyson with a tattoo like that? bitch please, i don't see light exuding from your pussy, it's not gold.


another whore that wants another 30 seconds after her 15 minutes were up.

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This ain't for the Love of Ray J it's for the love of the AK


Whether or not this is true that girl's tattoo looks like a malignant type of birthmark, and that's gross.

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I don't understand rap language, does babelfish translate hoodrat?

its readable in dutch?



Kort na hoorzitting over Danger' s gesprek, Ray J hopped op de radio met TT Torrez om de kwestie te richten, ontkennend de eisen helemaal, maar zei he' s nog koel met haar. Volgens Ray, dreigde het Gevaar eerder om de geruchten uit te spreiden toen hij er niet in slaagde om verscheidene van haar telefoongesprekken terug te keren. Nog, hij eisen was hij verrast zij eigenlijk maakte op haar bedreigingen goed. " Ik werd nog liefde voor Gevaar en that' s mijn volkeren, maar I didn' t terugkeer geen van haar vraag in het verleden de twee of drie weken, zodat dreigde zij om ' te zeggen; Yo, I' m dat mensen you' gaat vertellen; re homosexueel, ' " Ray J verklaarde. " Zij ging samen met het en deed het eigenlijk! I' niet vrolijk m, maar tezelfdertijd kreeg ik liefde voor vrolijke mensen omdat ik met vrolijke mensen… werk " Ik kreeg haar achter alhoewel she' s dat door sommige dingen op dit ogenblik gaat. Soms gebeurt dat met nieuwe roem en I' m gegaan niet verlof haar erachter en I' m gegaan niet verlof haar in het stof. Wij allebei verstoord met elkaar, maar it' O.K. s omdat I' m dat het met haar gaat uitwerken spoedig en wij die vrienden again." gaan zijn; Is Ray J Homosexueel?

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