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  1. I dont and never will support Jerry's Art-O-Rama, but they are working with the police. Don't buy paint from there. Straight up.
  2. MUT is an OG... Questioning if it is the same one from the 90's... Classic... read behind the inLines.
  3. I just came off on a super going out of business dig from a place that has been around since the 50's. I got a good amount of aerosol cans, but mostly tins of all sizes of 50's and 60's paints, it was a take it all, or take nothing deal. I literally am going through it all still in my garage. Got a bunch of other shit I never heard of in my life.. I'll post flicks when I can. Came off with some sick 50's rustos... Some Wet looks, One Shots, Derusto's, various companies I never heard of etc. Anybody got any information on the paint company Adelphi? I have a good 30 tins of it, can't find any information anywhere about this company, sick paper labels for days!
  4. this flick was taken with a point and shoot, aiming through a d-slr fisheye, can't believe it's still getting passed around on here.
  5. I can't believe no one mentioned Good Ole Tom
  6. seriously, this dude is a fucking loser. EDIT all day son, jolliest dude in the game hands down. RIP NACE.
  7. http://www.filesonic.com/file/1282933484/Pete_Rock_And_Smif-N-Wessun-Monumental-2011-H3X.zip I'm getting verclempt. Talk Amongst yourselves, The Prince of Tides was neither a Prince, nor a Tide... Discuss....
  8. USDOT mandate to have reflectors on cars... RR companies face fines if they don't have them. I'm sure the Canadian cars are more scrutinized as they cross the border.
  9. this dude brought back ICY HOT STUNTAZ!
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