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  1. I got em both, at least I know I have the Crazy Kings but I doubt I'd trade em. I still have all my 90's mags, a bunch of can control's in the pile.
  2. This is the best thread on 12oz. hands down, love all that old krylon.
  3. Here's my contribution, two things I found hacking into 12oz'ers photobucket albums. :D
  4. I was just talking about Krylon Metallic blue, would love to find some of that and Hot Copper. Hot Copper smelled so good IIRC.
  5. Fuck, just write or email rusto and ask for some promo samples. T-shirts etc, hommies have done it. Hell, I have a rusto T he threw me awhile back. It's got a vodka slurpie stain on it now but I wear it with pride.
  6. Recognize some of that sage brush there, good pics.
  7. GI JOE for the win! Garbage pail kids as well, you ever collect wacky packs? I wish I kept all that shit from when I was in grade school.
  8. those tall boy rusto's got me foaming at the mouth...
  9. HAHAHA, I forgot about the homo-dungeon thread!
  10. More Fatso, a Halifax thread needs a bunch of old fatso or HW Crew stuff...
  11. I've accidentally converted a vegetarian or two, was pretty funny. I was eating some of the best beef jerky known to man and she was watching and drooling, took about 20min of that for her to cave. Hahaha, 2-3 years down the drain in 20min. She was getting street meat later that week, she never looked back. I think you should get on the street meat diet, nothing but lips and assholes. Beats being a giant fucking pussy...
  12. Have fun being a giant pussy... Just saying.
  13. mr. jollymore check you're PM's
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