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  1. Y'all asking why this thread is dead? Probably because Detroit doesn't have a scene anymore.
  2. Wow, gang activity? What the fuck? Thats fuckin ridiculous.
  3. lol half these kids prolly don't even know what Motosoul is, lets not forget Detroit Underground.
  4. Detroit shit + lots of Graffiti.
  5. That "LETTHEMKNOW" is the hardest shit ever. Mad props for that shit. KILLIN EM.
  6. That Malt & Tead is fuckin FRESHNESS BOIIIII
  7. http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2012207230342 KING FEL Makes Front Page.
  8. Oh Snap!!!! Is that Fohr??? Who dragged him out the house???
  9. Anybody know where I can get free music for my ipod without catching a bull shit virus?
  10. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!! Is there really FIVE HUNDRED AND THIRTY NINE people viewing this thread????? This thread is on FIIYAAAAA.....................
  11. Elmer Gasm Amo If you're gonna talk shit on the world wide web lrn how 2 spell u dum fuk. Marmer Dirty Dems Yall sound like some bitches. FUCK YOU.
  12. *Their. You mean "THEIR" own game.
  13. Yo, this site needs a like button as well as a fuck you, you bitch ass mother fucker button.
  14. Thanks guys, I would've never thought of that. :D
  15. This is probably the wrong place to ask for advice but what the hell. This Saturday is my 1 year anniversary with my girl. Anybody have some ideas on how I can make this really special? Hopefully some ladies can help me out. If not, talk shit, high jack thread, post weird pics, do what Channel Zero does best. Thanks.
  17. Tuff Tone


    Congrats Swindle, I fucked up & relapsed. I was clean almost a year & a half. I'm drunk as fuck right now.
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