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  1. FastFinisher


    Go Cards
  2. FastFinisher


    Fus Ro Dah Dragonborn
  3. FastFinisher

    American Horror Story

    "Pretty Girl"
  4. FastFinisher

    guess the movie...

    Ok now you have to post a hint or another photo
  5. FastFinisher

    MLB 2011.. never to early thread!

    Lance had already resigned before the playoffs started I think its another one year deal
  6. FastFinisher

    MLB 2011.. never to early thread!

    Great series. That final day of the regular season really made the entire playoffs more fun to watch. And then with the Cards winning really completed it.
  7. FastFinisher

    guess the movie...

    GRD winner. Yeah i think this was his major directorial debut.
  8. FastFinisher

    guess the movie...

    The film is from 2010 and the director directed an episode of the tv series Community
  9. FastFinisher

    guess the movie...

    Here's another one same film
  10. FastFinisher

    guess the movie...

    here goes.
  11. FastFinisher

    guess the movie...

    Black mama white mama
  12. FastFinisher

    chicago folks (and peoples)

    Anything cool nd interesting going on in the city tonight. Im up here for a couple days but haven't found much interesting stuff to do on the internet.
  13. FastFinisher


    I heard that netflix may pick it up as a show. Each episode will be catching up on what each character has been doing for the past couple years. Have one season and after that is finished have the movie. Only Speculation.
  14. FastFinisher

    ***Netflix "Instant" Watch***

    The Trip with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon
  15. FastFinisher

    Saint Louis

    This isn't the way to start a thread.