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what would you do?


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ok, so i was talking to girl A... and she has a best friend girl b.


i fell hard for girl A with the quickness, and she had let me know from the jump she wasnt ready for a relationship. i played that cool role for awhile, in hopes she'd one day change her mind and we'd get together. didnt happen, i got hurt sorta, but got my shit straight, for the most part anyhows, and im trying to keep it cool with ole girl without ruining our friendship. and i smashed to. so i feel like it wasnt a complete waste, but i really did care for this girl.


so ive been trying to stay busy, appear busy, not call her at all, etc... but its hard because over the time we spent together, id be spending the night at her house 2-3 times a week, hanging out and chillen all the time etc etc... and in the process she became cool with our inner circle type shit...


so my big dilema now is, i still sorta have feelings with her that im coping with and on top of that i feel really ackward about her being at social gatherings with me and my people, and hitting on other girls, cuz as well all know, girls can pull guys on spot and do shit with them, and although i got some game, its nowhere near as easy for me to pull shit as it would be for her...


meaning if i hollered at some girls, she could easily scoop some dude up at the party to ya know? shits frusterating.


on top of that i know she likes me somewhat, cuz i was dancing with some other girls at a club, and our "party crew" noticed how jealous she was getting yatta yatta yatta, granted thats just one example but you get the idea...


i know i need to distance myself from her and her friend, but i love them to death as friends to ya know? shit just gots me in a weird and ackward situation...


and i guess my bottom bottom line is, i can move on and holler at some other chicks, get some play etc, but i just am afraid she get back at me by hooking up with some lame ass at a party to piss me off, which would hurt still cuz she gots my heart sorta still ya know?


drop some knowledge / feedback / what you did in similiar situations etc for me... any advice is appreciated.

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All people want to have a relationship, but they say they don't to the people they feel aren't worth the energy. So if she doesn't respect you but she'll fuck you you're just game to her.


So the real question here is 'why don't people respect me enough to want to kick it after the party ends?' And the answer is pretty much the question...the only way to get heris to abuse her or get her pregnant - dependence, violence and isolation are the female language...

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u know, thank you

i been acting , like you


what i came to get today was my heart

when i was in highschool i told my english teacher it is ridiculous to apply any emotion/thinking to your heart. it just pumps blood! put your hand on your head when you pledge to the flag!


but , dude, nowadays

im getting its my mind verus my heart, like fosho man , tha feelings, i feel em in my heart


u gotta do what u do, if u feel for her, u gotta show it man, she sounds she bound fo'et,too


good luck ,but u and i dont need it


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