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  1. hahahaha, man crushes, hahahaha!!!
  2. i was thinking.. edit:what was it that you had got arrested for again??
  3. courtorder


    because it's generally a good idea to try to keep a scanner free of dirt..
  4. courtorder


  5. ha, i know that blicks...your security guard is a douche.
  6. hahahahahahahah, that was actually pretty funny. i'd contest that coming up with the idea of elton john and richard simmons oil wrestling as being gay but that's just me.
  7. pussy and i quote: "IT LIKE SPRAYS!!! I DONT WANT IT TO GET ON THIS COAT!!!!!!!!!"
  8. courtorder


    give me a hood rat bitch
  9. i remember psuedoprepism and what are you wearing......kettiekat...haaaaaaaaa
  10. type likes hell rell a lot lately huh
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