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  1. basically, i can detach myself emotionally from people pretty easily, so i dont have your kind of problems tease sorry
  2. or u can answer why girls fall for assholes using cognitive dissonance theory or some other way people justify their actions
  3. ill get back to u once ive read the entire thing
  4. you could write about the emrgance of anti narcotics law and its historical context, to see what possibly was the real reason these laws came about (more interesting if u do it about Canadas drug laws) or talk about like....Fear of crime, medias over-representation of crimes versus how they appear in real life or like.....yeah
  5. 1. because my buddy is often full of shit and stretches the truth quite a bit and 2. because i didn't know about this, and it could always happen to me or anyone else who was unsure
  6. k recently a female i know got a bladder and then kidney infection her bf whos somewhat of a friend of mine is apperently saying she got it from sex... he said it's from "more than one round in one night, having sex in awkward positions, and having sex without lube" and apparently he said they did all three is this bullshit or is this myth confirmed? is this possible? ive never heard of people getting a goddamn bladder and kidney infection from sex....whats the deal 12oz?
  7. fuck i have done zero work today and spent most of the remainder of the day browsing through facebook looking at all these ppl from my school fuuuuck
  8. Tough Love

    80's movies

  9. I know where you're coming from. Working in the restraunt industry is a bit tougher than one would think. I think after I totally quit working the 2 jobs i have no i'm going to shoot for some mall/retail/cashier type shit. I mean I realize there are jobs a hundred times tougher, but to be honest it really ain't no walk in the park. Especially if you're working alone. Quoted post [/b] very true man, so much fuckin cleaning and work its not even funny
  10. the latest thing i catch these days is the daily show and the colbert report..i used to watch the jimmy kimmel show but fuck staying up late for TV most of those late night shows suck balls
  11. hahahaha also, i lawled at tease's flick look at the size of that glass
  12. this damn near made me spill milk out through my nose
  13. hmmm well heres the real rundown of events im relatively young right.... i have no real expenses since im still with my parents....i have enough for a car, but i dont really need it since i get a transit pass through school tuition and paying insurance/gas would be a bitch... i went to talk with my previous boss and she told me theyr not too keen on hiring ppl just for the summer ( i still dont know if id bother working during school come september). And i dont wanna say, ill see when i start school if ill work past the summer, then end up quitting cuz that aint too cool....and iono this job and the people were nice to me last summer (it was my first job) altho i did not really enjoy doing the work too much, the people and the atmosphere made up for it. Im looking to find a slack ass job to be honest, like working at a video store or something easy where i dont have lotsa physical shit to do (such as cleaning greased up food racks etc).... so iono....i plan to work cuz i gotta both save up and pay for my martial arts classes, tournaments and equipment, but other than that, all my other expenses are either non existant or taken care of..... i most likely will end up working cuz its 5 months of free time that should be spent in a smart manner, its just a question of where....do i go to my previous job and under what terms? do i just tell em im available on certain days and say fuck it and chill for the summer.....do i get blessed with some slacker job that i can enjoy doing over the summer and still have free time? who knows
  14. venom better be in this im tired of boring emotional wreck enemies
  15. im contemplating whether i should work over the summer and into the school year BUT work sucks, and i hate it.....i dont have many expences, so id just be "saving up"......fuckin capitalism thoughts?
  16. AC DC problem child its ironic....get it?
  17. fuck i just had some pizza hut pizza i always eat too much of that shit and feel like ass for the rest of the day
  18. 26 sidedcube is on point therefore he is the man
  19. hahaha mams are u partying with ur dad ??
  20. Damn she's got some broad shoulders. If it wasnt for the red in her hair, and no tats I would say I 'knew' her. What did you do that with? Quoted post [/b] broad shoulders? :rolleyes:
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