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  1. I am Lucifer, Satan, the fallen angel, the embodiment of evil and enemy of God. The following of God has caused many millions of people to die, in crusades, holy wars, and other such religious conflict. Luciferism however has never harmed anyone, and anybody with any sense at all will realise that following me is a lot more wise. if you attempt to follow God and you are denyed by peter at the gates of heaven and come down to the underworld to seek refuge you will recieve from me eternal torture for your following of God. However if you worship me, when you die you may descend to the next life safe in the knowledge that you will reign with my demons, fufilling all of your desires untill eternity. You have but two months from this day, until the sixth of June; 06/06/06, to make your decision, For on the sixth second of the sixth minute of the sixth hour of that day I will try for a second time to overthrow God, only this time, I have all the demons in Hell beside me, and i shall prevail.
  2. you have, if i may say so, made quite the fool of yourself...
  3. i just got stop searched 2 nights in a row and im pissd off, tried to run first time, just let em second, didnt agree either time, what am i gona do? they can do what they fuckin like i hadnt even dun anythin...
  4. Re: Take-ing spray cans on airplane? how amusing it is that taking has been spelt wrong in the thread title, so wrong in fact that a hyphen has been added, ho ho ho.
  5. i doubt it'll make a big difference to how hard it is to buff, but less paint thinner should help.
  6. pay a female friend who isnt interested in graff the money to go and get them developed
  7. i dont take the train alot but my mates seen swt with bombs running from what ive seen it leaves big stains sometimes but can be removed
  8. not funny atall pretty sick really that u find it funny
  9. Re: 12oz theme song? it shouldnt be a graff song
  10. eerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr???....
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