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  1. i doubt it'll make a big difference to how hard it is to buff, but less paint thinner should help.
  2. i dont take the train alot but my mates seen swt with bombs running from what ive seen it leaves big stains sometimes but can be removed
  3. well im in london so i cant get griffin, and grog and corio dont seperate. ive cooked em together and added other stuff, its better thain either of em straight
  4. cosign perhaps another little thread could be made where people could ask their questions, and anyone's good ideas can be added onto the main thread?
  5. rattleytins


    ever tried one of these anyone?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by famous amos damn i am not a heterosexual man anymore ;) ;) ;) fair enuf...
  7. it would be only fair seeing as it gave me one, and im off to change my boxers, later on...
  8. really dont, that stuffs shit its reeeally diluted, go for the powder or crystals
  9. i decided to poke a pin down the nib of my marker so that the ink would flow through easier. i poked it right through about 10 times and now its really nice and juicy, its sick. i would reccomend this modification.
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