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  1. whos idea was it to put pittsburgh on that list? lol on the other hand, holy shit. Shanghai, China is crazzzy.
  2. check it. i made this thread. every question you have about ink has been asnwered 5 times already, by me or someone else. why do you guys think i never come in here anymore to update or answer new questions? lol. p.s. moe lester isn't a punk, i believe he knows his shit.
  3. Yeah, go ahead and research it. I can tell you know you'll be disappointed about what you hear.....
  4. damn, this thread is still around? first time i've checked it in maybe a month or two. chumba, hit me up on AIM, you know the name.
  5. in my opinion PBR is the best cheap beer. i don't know, maybe it's an acquired taste. but it easily beats coors, budd, miller's, etc. but then again my opinion sucks. you guys are drinking beer for the taste and i'm drinking it to get drunk. if we were talking about wine it'd be a different story...
  6. for the time being until a grow a 'real' taste for beers, the best beer in my mind will be this: and this:
  7. ^ ^ ^ im feelin the second one of the trains.
  8. a couple b&w's i shot and developed a couple months ago. i'm new to this kind of thing by the way.
  9. yeah, kickflips are basically all timing to get them perfect so bend your knees a little lower and pop up a little higher... practice them over shit like recycling bins, garbage cans, whatever. make sure you got that nice FLICK on the front toe.
  10. griffin dealers, whatr the fuck. people are stupid. best ink there is period? fuck that.
  11. griffin dealers, whatr the fuck. people are stupid. best ink there is period? fuck that.
  12. yum, acetone. p.s. thanks for ruining my thread assholes.
  13. come on nigga, give me a break. i've been preaching that recipe for awhile, don't think i haven't read every single post in this thread (and wrote a good fraction myself).
  14. true, but it fades away naturally in the sun so don't get too excited.
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