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  1. EGO31


    oww sound's painful
  2. really, that's gay public holiday in australia yeah no school!
  3. Re: JOKES - some will never die... hah the first made me laugh!
  4. good friday is a public holiday regardless of your religion isn't it?
  5. EGO31

    ch0 at work?

    man 12 oz whenever i can oh no i'm nerd shit damn fuck!
  6. Re: what's the craziest looking animal? squid are kinda crazy looking
  7. Re: «<< 12Oz Computer Tech Support >>> yeah wow asian peoplle and technology why is that always the case?...
  8. man there all photo shopped except for the one where you can just see her nip
  9. fuck that picture is funny
  10. Re: «<< 12Oz Computer Tech Support >>> i have a computer it's black linux is very good
  11. Re: Shot it in her Bot Thread what the fuck this thread is confusing me
  12. TZU dont know what the name of the tracks name is
  13. wow boob's so big they fuck up your back eww... that's way too big nahmean?
  14. yeah i suppose it is kind of worrying
  15. umm why did you start this thread and then not ask a question?
  16. what the fuck?! i know there completely different but why the hate i don't like 50 cent but it gives me chill's for some reason
  17. well maybe not god but it's shitload better than 50 cent and so on that's for sure.
  18. ivan milat was a loony who was thatguy6 that killed that falconio chap?
  19. fake for sure otherwise it would have been in the tabloid's
  20. dude i got the day off too i love jesus! he's given us so many holidays!
  21. Re: the 'my cousin's ass fucked my pussy and then i got wicked inflamation' thread. wow i'd almost forgotten what this thread was about
  22. ha man the outback can suck
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