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  1. It dont take no researchers with a degree to figure this shit out, if you got a smart phone like the iphone, android whatever that shit tells you to your face that its gonna use location based services if your using the damn device. Give me a degree in engineering and i can tell you my left nut hangs lower than my right one.
  2. My girl just bought me a pair of these for my b day :D
  3. GEEB


    Anyone on star craft 2 beta? I need some folks to play to some practice matches with cause im getting my ass kicked in these random matches!
  4. I just wanted to share an experience I had while on my way home from work: I Just leave work and i'm making my way home on the subway. Its about 1030pm or so with a few folks on the train. A few minuets into the subway ride a man about my age (21) comes through the rear subway doors from the next car over. Im assuming he was watching me while he made his way past me and saw that I was on my phone. (playing a game) He asks me if he could make a quick phone call, Now, Im no idiot, we are underground, THERE IS NO CELL SIGNAL. So politely I tell him sorry, my phones got no signal. He then calls me a "punk" and accusing me of being "racist" and for no apparent reason starts to get into my face about it, I felt like this was gonna turn into a fight so I stand up and ask him to move over in an attempt for me to change cars. He then tries to force me back down, as soon as he does this I raise my arms to divert his arm and then push him back. Now we are both standing a few feet apart and at this point the few people on the train notice the scene and begin to watch. He starts smiling and puts his hands up telling me that he gonna "fuck my shit up" and "take my phone",and that i "shouldve just given him the phone." He comes forward swinging and I pretty much lay him out with one punch into his face. At that point some of the people on the train started claiming that apparently I was a trained fighter and that i should've warned him and reasoned, and I was a pussy for using martial arts on somebody that didn't know martial arts. WTF?? I switch cars without saying anything and immediately get off at the next stop. What the fuck is wrong with these people? Since when does defending myself make me a pussy? And of course, some tits:
  5. I remember once at a party that was thrown by a friend of mine, typical house party, his parents were out of town, the party was crack-in everybody was pretty hammered after an hour or so, my homeboy that threw the party had a pitbull named spuddy, really nice mellow dog. eventually some drunk chick was jacking off the fucking dog at the party, I bounced soon after. weirdest shit I ever seen.
  6. GEEB

    Nujabes RIP

    Im a huge fan of his work as well. shit makes me wonder why couldent one of these wack ass sell-out producers fucking die instead? RIP. This is a MAJOR loss.
  7. Definitely people who have to tell their whole life story before getting to the main point of what they were trying to say. If i ask you were you bought your shirt I don't wanna hear about the epic adventure before hand. Ive seriously hung up on people over the phone for taking too long to explain some shit.
  8. "Yo,She smashed the homie." ".."
  9. GEEB

    Missing Cat.

    Nah, the cat cat was found. its back indoors.
  10. GEEB

    Missing Cat.

    My girl just called to let me know she spotted her cat, apparently with her other cat that regularly goes outside, she tried to retrieve it but it got spooked and ran under a deck in her backyard. So i guess it really didn't get too far.
  11. GEEB

    Missing Cat.

    So much for asking.
  12. GEEB

    Missing Cat.

    I know this isn't the typical place to be asking this, but im guessing some of us have had to deal with a pet that decided to wander off on its own. So this morning i'm at my Girls house and since there was street cleaning that morning, i had to wake up to move my car to a spot in order to avoid a ticket. An hour or so later we realize that her cat hasn't been seen anywhere in the house..its late now and the feline is still nowhere to be found. here's the break down: -Its about two years old. -Its a male (don't know if it makes a difference) Neutered as well. -Its only left the house ONCE other than that, its a total indoor cat (which is what worries us.) -No Collar on it either. -we live in a residential area of the city. She has another cat that does regularly leave the house and knows its way around the neighbor hood, is it at all plausible that the her "outside" cat will run into the missing "inside" cat and both return? What do you all think? we have contacted spca already as well. Comments?Suggestions?
  13. when every time shes in your car, just you and her you expect to get blown. and you're confused when you aren't. I miss those days. whores are the greatest. /reminisce-oner.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9T7UQ0notk orbit big pack commercial cracks me up too.
  15. hahaha "briefly he took a baby stroller and pushed it." thats comedy.
  16. I once got a BJ at work. that was kind of cool. :(
  17. hold on, was his wife the one that cut off his penis during this "dispute?" and now hes gonna have his new penis removed because that bitch "cant handle it?" fuck that.
  18. Re: 12oontz! IM GONNA BE A MALE STRIPPER! Classes start next week. sneaking a camera in is gonna be tough because i will basically be wearing a wifebeater and some tights. unless theres such a thing as a boner-cam.
  19. 1.too much could go wrong. 2. If you go to get your phone activated at a bestbuy with at&t,verizon,sprint...etc one of those companies will waive the activation fee. 3.AND depending on what phone you go with you can get it for free.
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