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  1. dnt.smke.regs


    you know it nigga. I keep my bonds diversified. I can pop the glock AND build a computer from scratch. Keeps the MAN guessin Quoted post [/b] nigga said bonds diversified :haha:
  2. get a pie put it in her trunk w/out her knowing have her roll out to the grimiest part of the hood, call the cops and bam! citizens arrest (plus you just made 2g's!) :king: :king: ;)
  3. dnt.smke.regs


  4. dnt.smke.regs


    you dont even know.
  5. ^ see thats the beauty of it, nobody is left of when it comes to clownin. not even these guys....
  6. pop culture and garbage go hand in hand? :( .............although i wiil say this, Boogie Down Productions knows my posse resides on broadway.
  7. i got locked outta some kids house (on purpose) then proceeded to choke the bitch with a cable extension. whodie dont play that.
  8. turn your back on a hoe. think of it like this, there are about 500,000 women in your state alone............ you probably have touched base with .009%. so get out there pimpin! ;)
  9. this show is a constant reminder of why we should question the spread of western influx on other parts of the world..... elimidate uzbekerstan 2k9! :shook:
  10. i like your posts, they remind me of bunnies. informative, deadly bunnies. :(
  11. The Poopsmith is a fictional character from the Homestar Runner series of animated cartoons on the website homestarrunner.com. His name describes his job; he shovels feces all day long, although this is never quite explicitly stated in the cartoons and only vaguely alluded to as "whatsit". The King of Town employs the Poopsmith for reasons that, according to the King of Town, he prefers not to disclose. As a result of his occupation, he smells terrible, which Strong Bad would regard as an understatement. Strong Bad also seems to be afraid of him as per his being unwilling to touch the Poo
  12. we all are hoping for the best man!
  13. yea, and al i can say is wtf :shook:
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