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About This Group

A group meant to discuss current and past strange, odd and unexplained things
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  2. Hadn't heard of that one. Thanks for the rec will def look it up!
  3. You're correct. These events are known as Broadcast signal intrusions , and are more commonly found in radio broadcasts, as all you really need is an FM transmitter that can overpower the frequency that the radio station is being broadcast on. Interrupting a cable feed is harder, as it seems to require much more direct interference in the signal path. Since broadcast signal intrusions are fascinating in general, another mystery worth looking into is the Southern Television broadcast interruption. Some creepy shit
  4. I’m sure. I have no idea how it works but I think you’re probably right. Even back then it seemed next to impossible to do without getting caught, that’s what makes this one such an anomaly
  5. Really interesting read Surprised we don't see more broadcast hacking these days, there must be massive safe guards in place
  6. I think it was the same one but later on that night? Was it two different networks? That’s even more fucked up
  7. I've always been super interested in this, but i thought it was on more than one network
  8. So its been a little slow in terms of engagement here but Ill post up another one in case anyone's into this stuff. The Max Headroom event is an unsolved hack that happened over Chicago airwaves in the late 80s towards the end of the BBS/Dial Up early hacking era. Couple guys (assume it was more than one) hijacked a a Chicago local networks airwaves, first with no audio for a few moments before the station regained control then later on the same night this time with sound for a much longer period of time as well as being more offensive (for 1987). They could still be charged today if unmasked as there isn't a statute of limitations on this stuff, it's a federal crime. I'll post up the actual broadcast as well as a good primer video for those who want to dig a little deeper. Reddit uncovered two brothers that could have possibly been the culprits but it's still very much still in the air. The actual broadcast Here's the primer Here's a Reddit thread that unmasked the two dudes..only for OP to take it back after. Maybe he spoke to the guys and they told him to shut it all down? Who knows. Some broadcast specialists have theorized that it had to be an inside job OR really large equipment had to be used and had to be really close by to the transmitter at the top of the Sears Tower.. like maybe in a van? Here's a local report on it back in 87 I find it all fascinating. How they did it but more importantly why, maybe just cause they could? It seems like a really elaborate prank but holy fuck.
  9. Its gotta be that. I think the guy who started it all has some serious fuckin issues but a serial killer? Na
  10. Not as into this one as I was of the hit squad mystery. This one is just too all over the place and still sort of comes off to me like a bunch nerds playing some huge hoax.
  11. The Happy Cube board and some of the guy's posts http://thehappycube.proboards.com/user/1/recent
  12. Not quite as nuts as the lake city incident but hell of a rabbit hole none the less.
  13. Will give this a watch tonight, been a while since I've been down a good eerie/conspiracy rabbit hole
  14. Here's another one I'm really into. The Wyoming Incident refers to a pirated broadcast caught on Wyoming airwaves in the 90s. Or so the story goes.. The video in question has taken on a life of its own, it's tied to a strange message board that talked about 'cubing' which apparently is code serial killers use to describe killing ppl. Some have reported getting migraines or just feelings of unease/nausea watching the vid. There are still updates to the story happening in 2019, this one has been going on for a very long time and no one really seems to know what its about. I've linked the recording as well as a video breaking it down. Anyone else heard of this? Kinda like the Max Headroom incident in Chicago just much creepier. Is it real? An ARG? Not too sure what to make of this one. The art for this group was lifted from this vid as I felt it really captured what kind of things I wanted to cover or discuss here. What do you guys think? #iliketofix
  15. Looking forward to hearing what you make of it all
  16. I'm always up for some rabbit holes.....I will check it.
  17. Figured I'd kick things off with this one. I've recently been obsessed with deep diving this mystery. It's definitely one of the stranger internet rabbit holes I've gone down. It starts with the death a former r/jailbait mod and spirals into hidden encrypted messages on assassin/mercenary job boards and even could tie into a Dubai hit. Its really wild and there's a lot to dig through for those interested. I'll link a podcast and a few vids about it including the video of the OP itself. To this day no one knows who these people are or what happened to them. ---> The podcast: http://www.thinkingsidewayspodcast.com/lake-city-quiet-pills/ ---> A good YT video about it: Video the UAE released of the entire assassination on tape Interpol picture of the suspects:

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