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  1. Perfect. She definitely got a ps4 and some chicken tendies in the fridge if she got twin boys already. Just be out by the birth date of that bastard. 🤰
  2. Have to chime in and say @Merceris by far one of the most die hard oontzers I ever met. Enough of a believer that in 2011 as he joined several friends for my final days in NYC he was ready to throw down with another member of the forum for questioning the future of the board... needless to say hes still here and posting like he never left. #respect my dude. ✊?
  3. Why get up to piss, she looks like a water sport type of gal. ☠️ . But I feel you on the bathroom kitty litter step ons... were you drag your feet back to the bed. ?
  4. Id still fuck, she still within my hanging fat meter. This would Discriminating because she likes her burritos. ??‍♀️
  5. Them handle bars. Half a Xan and you got yourself a kardashian .?
  6. FAT GIRLS NEED LOVE TO. NO FAT SHAMING HERE, unless they “my thousand pound life “fat.. In that case you get some sloppy top , and get some flics of the action for the lolz. ?‍?
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