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  1. Yo. My bad. @NightmareOnElmStreet Take it away brother!
  2. Due to watch this one again: Morgan Stewart's Coming Home
  3. I was home, sleeping. I had just quit my job the day before as a ticket runner on the floor of the NYSE. I got a call that woke me up telling me what happened.
  4. the_gooch


    My girl and I use a brand called Sunsoil (formerly Green Mountain). They are based out of Vermont. No complaints at all. We use the capsules though, haven’t tried anything else.
  5. Saw this dude recently. Still not sure what the fuck was happening.
  6. So wait I can still use my promo code? I already bought one at full price but was gonna grab another for $12.
  7. True. Looks like him, but off by a few decades.
  8. Breakfast. Special agent Cooper/Dougie would approve. Hellooooooooo
  9. Word up. It was a lucky first guess. Any guesses on mine?
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