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  1. the_gooch

    Your Art Thread

    This is what the spot looked like before all of the people faded, thanks to the pigment issues a certain foreign brand of paint had. Clear-coating this fucker was a waste of time.
  2. the_gooch

    Your Art Thread

    I painted the Ronald McDonald pictured here and Sense3 painted the people in the stands.
  3. Welcome back!


    And welcome to VIP!

    1. the_gooch


      Thanks! The site looks and performs fantastic! Props. 

  4. These are from a few years back, as my life has been boring lately. I was doing a bunch of background work and these are some shots from when I was on Daredevil (Netflix) S1 & S2. Dracula and The Pinball Wizard.
  5. the_gooch

    Knitbats: Tease your hair, volume and shit...

    Fly Or Die ^O^ When I was watching Twin Peaks The Return, I saw this and was like: Oh shit Mr. C is looking for the Knight Bats.
  6. All great stuff! Thanks Mercer.
  7. the_gooch

    N E W Y O R K C I T Y

    Found this one online. TCS on the roof of Adventures Inn. College Point, Queens. Early 1990's.
  8. the_gooch

    N E W Y O R K C I T Y

    Here is another from my stash. MAC was a beast! Tretal up in there as well.
  9. the_gooch


    I posted this one awhile back on my IG (and possibly on here way back when). Never the less, it's too dope to not repost. Took this up in Washington Heights, I don't even remember the year. 92 maybe?
  10. the_gooch

    Burners and Style!

    My dude Bugn ABK AerosoulBrothers. NJ (1994ish?)
  11. the_gooch

    N E W Y O R K C I T Y

    I posted this a while back on my Instagram. Saint TMR up in the Bronx. I think I flicked this in like 07/08.
  12. I saw this on Instagram earlier. I still lurk on here from time to time. Looking forward to the new site launch and hopefully seeing some of the old heads pop back in.
  13. This guys IG feed is blowing up so bad right now (specifically on the latest pic he posted on a certain writer. It reminds me of the old days on here.