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  1. auf

    going all country.

    truckers leaving bread trails.
  2. auf

    the NEW sketch thread

    Hell yeah^ get the basics down like the first page(apply perspective) and you will be able to push your letter structure into more complex shapes, and maybe start using "2 point perspective" and achieve legendary results.
  3. auf

    the NEW sketch thread

    Fun 3d practice. I'll give it a rest.
  4. auf

    the NEW sketch thread

    new wave vibes.
  5. auf

    the NEW sketch thread

    old Buick burgundy with some toxic electricity.
  6. auf

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    Otr laying down in a bunk. Thinking about how empty my life is.
  7. auf

    random thots

    I live alone.I twerk where ever and when ever.