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  1. auf

    Honey Pot

    haha I had to ask. That's awesome @misteraven
  2. This is me everyday.People can't speak English and I have to do eveyrbodies work for them. Fuck it.At least they're able to learn.
  3. auf

    Honey Pot

    Are graffiti sites servers for collecting internet personas? Why does 12oz exist?
  4. @ElbowMack187You know you're progressing when your marker ink is running dry.
  5. that looks comfy as fuck^ wowza
  6. 70% ass 20% feet 10% face
  7. @misteravenIt's another one of my crazy conspiracy theories. But there is reason to be suspicious because most people who get pinched for spraying are outed publicly as criminals and degenerates, but banksy is portrayed differently. He's some how made a career out of illegally defacing property and still remains anonymous. While others have been forced to sell themselves in interviews after they get busted to set an example to other vandals. It's a heavy topic and controversial, but we do know writers have worked with feds after being busted which is why it makes me suspicious.
  8. Banksy is an activist working for the government to push a political agenda. Maybe at one point he was a legitimate "street artist". When he got busted "they" made a deal not to expose his true identity, although he's been outed now, and in both of their favor made him famous for profit. Giving him travel funds to spread his gospel among aspiring "street artists" and the public to sway their opinion on global crisis, further push the agenda. They teach about him in art schools and feature him in cartoons. He's been in countless documentaries. He's part of a psyop to convey selected information to influence and ultimately the behavior of individuals.
  9. @Lorne_MalvoThose are great, I really dig the edge rendering. Can you do bikini girl naked?
  10. "This comes in many forms from distractions, long conversations that don't have to do with work, the coworker that constantly complains about SOMETHING, the guy that takes 4 cig breaks every hour, etc..... avoid all that shit and you'll shine in the eyes of your superiors if they're not morons." Good point. I've only just started to learn this unfortunately. So reading this was reassuring. If you've ever worked long enough you'll start to develop a closer relationship with some people, and as well you'll find out who you need to be careful of telling too much to. Keeping minimal conversation is not a bad idea, considering how hostile work places can get, and I mean people will try to get you booted so they can help a friend.
  11. @Hua GuofangI'm definitely the problem. She's definitely cool. Everybody has their quirks I guess.
  12. How do you cope working with women in a professional work place? They constantly demand affirmation, like a fucking dog needs to be pat on the head. Not trying to sound like an incel, but I've met some girls who get offended if I don't say thanks. Any tips appreciated. edit: if it were up to me they'd be at home nurturing the children making sandwiches.
  13. @simon sandleshitPicked up my handycam with a fisheye lens glued to it. things escalated quickly.
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