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  1. it was a mistake man i talked to him about it
  2. sp

    Work Wear

    tru-spec combat BDUs + suspenders = game changer
  3. looks like cyanogen has turned into LineageOS, or at least shares a lot of features with it. i might give that a shot
  4. DHCP, DNS, and HTTPS -- all things controlled by the overlords. If they decide you shouldn't be allowed on the internet, they can and will revoke your domains, servers, DNS, and you will be forced to host your site on the dark web along with drug dealers and pedos. Again, back to government control/slavery.
  5. Does anyone have any experience with "indy" phone OSes (other than iphone and android)
  6. I have to agree with @Mercer but also props to the OP for this terrifying intel on AI and people acting like sheep. The world is being transformed into an Orwellian nightmare by unscrupulous governments who are vying for complete surveillance and control. I know this is cliche and has been said many times to the point of jaded reaction. However I, and many others Im noticing, are tired of people gaslighting this issue as a conspiracy theory, when it's happening before our eyes. And the scumbags in charge have been extremely careful to have us believe they are not the problem. It makes me sick seeing "graffiti writers" paint murals of dead judges, people who incarcerate us, because they have been so blinded by either pro or anti trump sentiment that they cannot see the government for what it really is.
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