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3 hours ago, misteraven said:

Kinda. Been thinking I need a country house out in Alaska, so not quite as remote as I’d like. 

Do you have any trouble getting solid internet/cell service there? I live in a canyon in a major city and lose my cell signal. Image it being a real pain somewhere that remote. But the again, it’s 2020, we live in the future!

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Yeah, cell service can be spotty. It works mostly, but drops a fair bit of calls. Obviously lots of areas around here have no signal at all. Seems they make a lot of signal boosters that can bump you two bars or so but kinda don’t care. 

I live in an area that happens to be populated with a lot of wealthy cattle rancher types so we’re lucky with Internet. A guy launched a small ISP company where he setup an antenna on top of a grain silo that happened to be close to the data trunk feeding the town. The antenna is multi directional so most the properties with line of site to the antenna in the area have receivers setup. We get between 20mbps - 30mbps, but it’s affected by heavy rain / snow / wind. 

Reality is that 5g is rolling out soon and believe service will start at 100mbps once it rolls out. Plus you have Elon installing that global network as we speak that’s supposed to bring ultra high speed to the entire planet. Either way, we’re likely not more than a few years from complete global coverage of ultra high speed internet. Not sure that’s a good thing, but is what it is. 

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3 hours ago, Hua Guofang said:

Whilst I enjoy extremes like this, must be pretty awesome when Spring rolls around.

I’ve come to appreciate each of the four seasons for different reasons. Fall is probably my favorite, but also like winter, assuming you’re prepared for it. Takes a lot of prep work to ride it out smoothly. 

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