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Tyler Durden

get to know yoru 12oz family. part 1

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okay, this may be a weekly thing from now on but im gonna post an interview with 1 person every so often so we get to know each other better then we'll have shit to talk about when we all meet up at the 12oz family picnic and sit around eating fig newtons.


this weeks inetview is zack morris, im sorry hes so pathetic and boring, its not my fault though, ill think up more interesting things in the future. ta ta and good day.


sxetek123: 1)name

EyeHeartElvis: my real name?

sxetek123: ill ask the questions here

sxetek123: name?

EyeHeartElvis: ok

EyeHeartElvis: Zacko Morris

sxetek123: whatever.

sxetek123: 2)how long have you been writing for?

EyeHeartElvis: I leanred how to write in the first grade

sxetek123: we're all proud.

EyeHeartElvis: so that means 12 years ago

EyeHeartElvis: no wait 13

EyeHeartElvis: yeah, 13

EyeHeartElvis: I never learned math though

sxetek123: 3) when did you last get some fuckin action with the hoes?

sxetek123: ok, i didnt ask for your lifes story.

sxetek123: just answer the question

EyeHeartElvis: september 1st 2000 in nashville tennesee, and I still don't know her last name

sxetek123: ok......(yawn)........

sxetek123: 4)whats your opinion on the 12oz site?

EyeHeartElvis: I think that its funny...since I mostly just hang out in channel zero

sxetek123: loser.

sxetek123: 5)whats a typical day like in the life of zacky morris?

EyeHeartElvis: wake up around noon-ish, watch tv for a while. hop in the shower around 3, get out of shower and sit around some more and either go out and hang out with "muh niggaz" or I sit in front of my computer or tv. then usually my girl friend will call sometime when her cell phone is free and we talk for a few hours since she is going to school 3 hours away

sxetek123: awww thats sweet

sxetek123: so how often do you guys bone?

EyeHeartElvis: I know

EyeHeartElvis: we don't

EyeHeartElvis: you already asked when the last time I got laid was

EyeHeartElvis: and that was almost a year and a half ago

sxetek123: so how many times a day then? ball park figure......4? 5?

sxetek123: thats question 7 by the way

EyeHeartElvis: how many what's a day?

sxetek123: forget it....

sxetek123: next question

EyeHeartElvis: ok

sxetek123: 8)whats the deal with the fetish you got with wanting to urinate in girls assholes?

EyeHeartElvis: you should just paste the IM conversation instead of the questions and the answers...it would be more comical... you cunt monster

sxetek123: i am doing that

sxetek123: and your ruining my interview bitch

sxetek123: answer the question

EyeHeartElvis: its not really a fetish...I just think it would be funny

sxetek123: dont sass mouth me

sxetek123: nah, you told me you wanted to do it to every girl

EyeHeartElvis: wouldn't you laugh if you pee'd in some girls anus

sxetek123: especially sarah michelle gellar

sxetek123: pissing in the anus isnt funny

EyeHeartElvis: think about it..the second she stands up striahgt a waterfall of yellow goodness would fall out of her

sxetek123: ok..your a moron.

EyeHeartElvis: I would get cool points for pissing in sarah michelle gellars butt

sxetek123: why dont you just fuck her?

EyeHeartElvis: thats too simple

sxetek123: yeah

sxetek123: something tells me she wouldnt want to fuck too bad after you piss in her butt

EyeHeartElvis: how many questions are left?

sxetek123: ummmmm

sxetek123: i dunno, however many i want....

sxetek123: 2

sxetek123: ?

EyeHeartElvis: i'm sure she wouldn't either

EyeHeartElvis: ok

sxetek123: ok, question the eighth....

sxetek123: if you could have one thing in the world what would it be?

EyeHeartElvis: a genie that would grant me 3 wishes

EyeHeartElvis: does that count?

sxetek123: you dumbass

sxetek123: thats stupid

EyeHeartElvis: haha

sxetek123: because then i have to waste a question asking you what the wishes are

sxetek123: your really bad at this......

EyeHeartElvis: but then I could have everything in the world, plus 2 wishes

EyeHeartElvis: I try

sxetek123: fuck you, your worthless

sxetek123: whats the ideal woman to you?

sxetek123: thats # 9 by the way

EyeHeartElvis: my mom said that to me today

sxetek123: well your mom knows where its at cause i showed her last night

EyeHeartElvis: I know I am going to hear shit form you about this since you dis my taste in the female species

EyeHeartElvis: your poor poor man..my mom is a fucking beast

sxetek123: your telling me.

sxetek123: just say it, say you like emo bitches so i can move on.

sxetek123: your so boring...why did i start with YOU?

EyeHeartElvis: ok my ideal girl...slender frame, short dark hair, I want the type of girl that chews on the ends of her sleeves when she is slighjtly nervous and always has that cute little smile on her face. and no I'm not into the classic emo bitch, tey are too sad f and cliche for me..I like a girl that is even more sick and twisted than I am, the kind that makes fun of dead people with me and makes random death threats at old women....yet is still amazing fine during the whole fiasco

sxetek123: um...very detailed you idiot.....

sxetek123: what about the porn stars with the fake tits?

sxetek123: cmon, you can rub your head in between them.

sxetek123: and make truck noises

EyeHeartElvis: fake tits are gross

sxetek123: oh shutup you know youd do it

sxetek123: anyway

EyeHeartElvis: I think that its shallow that a girl would do that to her body because she thinks guys will like her more because she has these 2 sacks in her chest making her look like she stufs her bra with a beachball

sxetek123: ok....listen to me...i dont care.

sxetek123: that was not a question for you to answer. no one cares.

EyeHeartElvis: then don't aska question you want no one to answer

sxetek123: question the ninth: describe me or give your opinion of me in as many words possible.

EyeHeartElvis: you already asked question 9 you incompetant idiot

EyeHeartElvis: some cock faced ass hole that lives in long island and likes to talk mad shit to people when he isn't bitching about all his little problems that no one cares about

sxetek123: cool, i couldnt have described myself better

sxetek123: you forgot shallow though/

sxetek123: ok, question 9- what are your plans for the future?

EyeHeartElvis: to get very rich..VERY rich...I want to have mtv come over tour my "crib" just because I am that rich

EyeHeartElvis: that the third time you have asked question number 9

sxetek123: no its not you brain dead buffoon

sxetek123: ok....question 9: whos your favorite member of 12oz?

sxetek123: besides me of course.......

EyeHeartElvis: yes it is

EyeHeartElvis: haha

sxetek123: what the hell, include me

sxetek123: you know im your favorite

sxetek123: cmon

sxetek123: say it

EyeHeartElvis: i don't think I have a favorite member

sxetek123: yes you do

sxetek123: cmon

sxetek123: say its me

EyeHeartElvis: i don't have a favorite member

sxetek123: fine, know what? fuck you i dont care i hate you.

EyeHeartElvis: good...i hate you too

sxetek123: good

sxetek123: with that out of the way, on with the interview.

EyeHeartElvis: ok

EyeHeartElvis: are we still on question 9?

sxetek123: question 9) what do you think people will think/say/do when they read this post?

EyeHeartElvis: laugh at question 9

EyeHeartElvis: thats what I am doing

sxetek123: well your a loser

sxetek123: ok ok ok, this is getting boring.

EyeHeartElvis: yeah..its getting a bit too goofy, even for me

sxetek123: question 11) what happened to question 10?

sxetek123: dont answer that im fuckin around

sxetek123: ok

EyeHeartElvis: boo..I had a good answer

sxetek123: 10)any "shout outs" to your "peeps" and whats one thing that people should know about you?

sxetek123: fine anser it i dont care

EyeHeartElvis: no shout outs...ummm lets see one thing people should know...I don't know what people should know...to be truthful I don't care what they know about me

sxetek123: your so damn boring why did i pick you????

EyeHeartElvis: because you have no friends

sxetek123: frink wouldve been a much better choice i bet, hes like mr. popufuckinlarity around there.

sxetek123: oh i have friends fuck you

sxetek123: fuck all of you

EyeHeartElvis: I'm glad the 12oz community doesn't like me

sxetek123: same here

EyeHeartElvis: plus frink posts alot

sxetek123: well cause hes aloser

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Originally posted by Tyler Durden


sxetek123: 1)name

EyeHeartElvis: my real name?

sxetek123: ill ask the questions here



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i wanna do it! pick me, pick me!!!

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wow....um....ok...i am guessing from the posts and from the 20 im's i got about doing interviews that people are interested, one a day perhaps? we'll see. next on the list is either frink or tt boy. although im sure that if everyone really likes this ill attempt to get the elusive and wiley seeking to do an interview or something...hahaha oh thatll be sweet.....hahah


childern, form a line by the door please, single file, no pushing, no cutting, thank you.

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Originally posted by graffsurgeon

bojangles you did not answer my questions to life.

mustve missed it, im checkin it now!

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I'll never be interviewed because I only get online at work and I get in trouble if I download anything... shucks.

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yeah... so when you're ready for the interview people want to read, send me an email.






seeking/playing the roll :P

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Originally posted by seeking innocence

yeah... so when you're ready for the interview people want to read, send me an email.






seeking/playing the roll :P

oh wow! bon jovi is on here posting?!?!?!? sweeeeeeeeeettt!:)

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ill interview myself


Q: do you participate in west coast prolific caligraphy?


A: yes


Q: do you advocate proliferation of illegal caligraphy on a variety of surfaces?


A: yes


Q: how long have you been doing caligraphy illegaly?


A: almost ten years


Q: do you support self sustainment via nonlegal means of profit making


A: yes


Q: what are your views on the politics of illegal caligraphy and self sustainment via nonlegal profit making schemes?


A: since the natives of the land labled the United States of America have been massacared on a spectrum paralell to the holocost, I feel I have the right to conquer the lands with advertising of a my own. I support illegal means of paying your bills with the fruits of corporate exploitation.

corporations are in the favor of law makers and commit countless acts of enviromental terrorism in addition to severe human rights violations in the name of making a profit.


Q: are you a law abiding tax paying citizen?


A: yes


Q: what do you see for the future?


A: the future looks good


Q: whats it like where you live?


A: they have built prisons at a rate of 20 to 3 vs. colleges.

that means out of 20 friends, 17 went to prison and 3 went to college.

which is off probably as a acurate statistiv, but as a street educated statistic guess its about right on the spectrum of people i know that have college degrees and the amount that are felons for nonviolent crimes and have served time vs. the amount that have college degrees from state colleges.


Q: anything else?


A: the goverment is not working for the people.

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Originally posted by MR BOJANGLES

oh wow! bon jovi is on here posting?!?!?!? sweeeeeeeeeettt!:)


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