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Everything posted by dBUSH

  1. dBUSH


    so much respect.
  2. can't hate forever... bumpidydoodah that pause is fresh
  3. I thought you were lame when I saw you had 12 threads... but then you posted the same photos in more than one thread. I guess you get cyberprops... IM me dawg. :rolleyes:
  4. dBUSH


    bumpski- for the days when we got away with murder
  5. dBUSH


    Anyone else had the priviledge of finding out how fucked up the criminal justice system is here in the states? I just started my probation sentance- I know it could be worse but so far every step of the way there has been some jerk-neck motherfucker who feels the need to go out of his way to make sure I know how much of a fuck up he thinks that I am. Not that I care what those kind of people think of me (I'd just as soon rather they not know me at all) but I definately can't resort to my old 'pop em' in the nose' method of dignity-defense. Point and case: I met my probation officer today. I
  6. dBUSH

    The Great Escape

    I was just about to mention that... that footage was fresh as fuck. Who is this Jib character though? Can't be the one I'm thinking of...
  7. Fuck the police. Fuck my P.O. Fuck my lawyer. fuck the judge. fuck that hero motherfucker. fuck my ex. fuck my future ex. fuck the haters on the board. :heated: oh yeah- and fuck that goofy pothead bitch who called my throw a shitty gangster tag (she meant it in a bad way) :heated: :heated:
  8. dBUSH


    It's funny how one picture can actually save a shitty thread like this and make it worth posting- that dude usually posts his own stuff- not often enough though. Maybe if more people jock him...
  9. haha yeah yeah- teaser painted some girl's parents house (illigal tip), and posed on the couch in front of it pimpin' ho's on the phone with a JNCO t-shirt- that was a priceless thread.
  10. dBUSH


    After taking drinking to a new level this weekend, my buddy and I racked our alcohol-flooded brains for an appropriate term to describe how we spent our time: If you've ever lived by the water, chances are you've been on a boat- if you've ever gotten drunk on a boat- you might be able to recall the sensation of stepping back onto solid ground... it's all woooaaaahhhhh- and THAT is exactly what DEM-BOATS is all about. So you've drank, smoked or gotten your staightedged equivalent on and you're too spent to go into detail when some wise-ass wants to know what you've been up to. Just tell em'
  11. vagina ventriloquism: a surefire way to get kicked in the teeth.
  12. dBUSH

    Nixon Watches.

    do you wear pink shirts?:rolleyes:
  13. dBUSH

    mynas- ENDK

    that there production is recalculous!!
  14. that's right missy- I'm sitting right here.
  15. nice to see the wildstyles.:dazed:
  16. I saw a color sticker probably as old as that piece today.
  17. Everything I injest gives me toxic gas.
  18. Happy Birthday!! hows about a brownie with a candle?
  19. "what are you going to do for the next cky... I'm afraid to ask"
  20. that is by far the toughest action shot Ive ever seen. Where'd you get that?
  21. someone hit up ESPO in the top left part of the 'A':lol: oh yeah- I'm not pretending to be on the same level as the party's involved with the beef... but some of you fuckers don't know what the fuck youre talking about. Saber has a sick style but youre dreaming if you think he have as many illegal pieces as JA has throws- but that shit is apples and oranges anyways. Who knows why they dissed that piece- maybe just to say the dissed the largest piece in the world... that's a lot more than your ball-hugging asses can say. oh yeah, and you're dissing CAP? Like you can old a flame to any of
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