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  1. yeah man I'm down. not sure what you need from me for that. but ill check it
  2. icy hot stuntaz was a dream come true to the internet. also when we would take cut outs of el mamero out to the club with us and post pics while everyone ragged the shit out of people in the pictures. DPC for life! hahahahah
  3. ohhhh how I've missed you.... Dance Party Crew checking in! i hope it pops off again CZ was my spot for all randomness.
  4. that oper thing is pretty fresh.
  5. i liek the barn with snow on the roof. sumthing about snow jsu makes me wanna sleep.
  6. i wanna have fun sum1 be my freind. well i think i no all the peopel in my area and sence people cant drive to hawaii i guess im kinda screwed out of this one.
  7. i use to have sum jackson chameleons but i left it on a ;amp shade when i was chillin and i accidently freid him. my bad.
  8. that song smoke is pretty dope. theres a dope remix of it too but i forget who did it.
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