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  1. gahhdahhhmn that was ill to fucken deaf..... thanks!
  2. i found inner peace in a subway tunnel reading a inscription by Twist that said "where the sun never shines" and looking to the left to see a cloud of fog from the fire extingusher we tried to hit up with, wrong kind, it fogged up the tunnel instead. underground and not being able to see where you came from in a rarely heard sound level in the city, near silence, was suprisingly relaxing and theraputic being that i would rather spend the night in a subway tunnel then in a club.
  3. be quiet pistol this is a under cov. otr fds connect........ shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  4. violent fems gotsa good song about da bus
  5. yeash we have met before secret.....just do what the email says... mondays a good day
  6. ill interview myself Q: do you participate in west coast prolific caligraphy? A: yes Q: do you advocate proliferation of illegal caligraphy on a variety of surfaces? A: yes Q: how long have you been doing caligraphy illegaly? A: almost ten years Q: do you support self sustainment via nonlegal means of profit making A: yes Q: what are your views on the politics of illegal caligraphy and self sustainment via nonlegal profit making schemes? A: since the natives of the land labled the United States of America have been massacared on a spectrum paralell to the holocost, I feel I have the right to conquer the lands with advertising of a my own. I support illegal means of paying your bills with the fruits of corporate exploitation. corporations are in the favor of law makers and commit countless acts of enviromental terrorism in addition to severe human rights violations in the name of making a profit. Q: are you a law abiding tax paying citizen? A: yes Q: what do you see for the future? A: the future looks good Q: whats it like where you live? A: they have built prisons at a rate of 20 to 3 vs. colleges. that means out of 20 friends, 17 went to prison and 3 went to college. which is off probably as a acurate statistiv, but as a street educated statistic guess its about right on the spectrum of people i know that have college degrees and the amount that are felons for nonviolent crimes and have served time vs. the amount that have college degrees from state colleges. Q: anything else? A: the goverment is not working for the people.
  7. most of my friends have written at one point or another...if i saw a old friend, i would prolly feel comfortable telling an old freind that i paint...but i got no advice.... my friends who dont paint anymore arent really as interested, but then again im not all up in their biz with whatever...allthough crushing their neighborhoods did kinna downplay the subject for a while as i was a bit shy on bringing it up after that...it was more of a.... i feel you though on small houses with canvas's... hollywoods fuckin slimey with yuppie scum..but theres hella cool shit out there as well.... i went to a west la bar once..it was kinna cool but im sure that anyplace you gotta pay seven bucks for parking....fuck that. i say you take her on the subway with you and introduce her to a writer guy that can treat her like shit just like all the slimey yuppies..
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