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Everything posted by graffsurgeon

  1. fuck you. ban me if you want you pussy piece of spum. come up to maine if you want to talk fuckin shit. i dont give a mother fuck id kick your brain out your skull. last thing you want to do is call me gay faggot. ive stuck more girls vaginas then you could count before your older brother fucked you in the ass. catch buckshot you poser. i got my name all over the streets. fuck you brooklyn to maine you cant fuck around
  2. i aint crazy. dont be a faggot. well i kind of am crazy but thats cause of mom dukes..and a cobble hill raising..well whatever..anyways i aint about no beef my friend..i would fuck you up if you stepped but no were all cool drinking crazy horses and shit you know..jordan 13s and shit what the fuck
  3. no shit doo whap i hit you in the head with a powerflite
  4. maybe we can battle on a brooklyn fuckin street or a maine backroad. you fucks dont want to challenge this nut.
  5. I'll do as i fucking must, thats been my life story boy, what the fuck? shit get down with this lord and his millers and his fuckin twelve gauge maverick
  6. tupac got motherfuckin smoked back in the day. he produced a couple fat tracks. made some shitty ones. got down. got done. later. end of fucking story.
  7. "tech nine dreams and mack eleven wishes/ infrared is beaming on the target making sure there is no misses/ your funeral/ you know whos blowing kisses at your widow/ its fucked up but your widow is doing ditto"
  8. bully american history x easy rider goodfellas the green mile..that was a good film..i remember walking out of the theater after that movie and thinking i was just at a wake or someshit kids them necro movies..those are fucked
  9. jason was a badass taking cats out with the 'chete. fuck horror shit though..its all about the deceitfull honeys that hold a relationship with you untill it comes down to a fineline and she shoots you in the chest and runs away with another.
  10. crotchrockets to dirt bicycles..televisions to satellites
  11. timbo sweats jordan VII's nautica t-shirt northface jacket the beatnuts featuring Ill Bill and Problems.. Yae YO check it out
  12. thats funny, theres a turtle head trying to talk out of my ass right now..
  13. i like to steal expensive things.
  14. you got your shit run by punks boy. fuckin shoot them.
  15. saddam will be done before he knows it. the election was rigged so this war could get jumpstarted. fuck em up anyways
  16. cage is dope. i just picked up the Nighthawks Lp. Tameone and Cage are unstoppable on that shit. eminem sucks.
  17. "she throws my clothes out the windows/ so when the wind blows/ i see my polo's and timbo's//"
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