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  1. seppuku

    WTF Bugs??

    Just be thankful you don't have these fuckers in your house.
  2. seppuku

    +___________A Day In The Life [summer edition]

    My July 4th. The essential barbecue to celebrate the birth of the motherland, or whatever. Eating the freedom meats. I should have eaten too, but I didn't. I paid dearly for it later. En route to check out a party before going to the riverside fireworks show. Leaving party. At Molly's. Lawl. Still at Molly's. At The Saint. That is it. Sorry they were all people shots, I guess it's kind of boring. No fireworks pictures because I wasn't even going to attempt it without a tripod. Okay, bye.
  3. seppuku

    Alternatives to AIM that run on the AIM network?

    I second GAIM.
  4. seppuku


    You're kind of late on hating the straight edge, ain't ya? I mean, really, making fun of staright edge is soooo 2002. It's dumb, we all know. Get over it . It's nothing new, and if it still gets to you so much that you have to make a thread about it, then you have some strange issues that you should take the time to work out. Go beat up some straight edge kids, or go rape their sisters, do SOMETHING. But c'mon man, making threads that have anything to do with straight edge is the new straight edge.
  5. seppuku

    A Summer Day In The Life Photothread

    Thanks, mackfatsoe. I'm glad you liked them. But really, it's just that I have a really expensive camera and Photoshop CS2.
  6. seppuku

    A Summer Day In The Life Photothread

    I'm the mayor's son. siiiiiiiiiiike.
  7. seppuku

    A Summer Day In The Life Photothread

    Okay, I know these aren't due until July, but it's 5:43 AM and I haven't slept and I'm completely bored and in need of something to do. So I will share some of my photos from this summer. They're not all from the same day...but the same week. That's okay, right? New Orleans. A kind of ominous cloud hanging over New Orleans. Girl on bike in Baton Rouge. New Orleans lake front. The look of a person stuck in traffic on I-10 in New Orleans. That is all for now. Ciao.
  8. seppuku

    What Are You Listening To: 2006

    Bangkok Impact
  9. seppuku

    \ \ \ tee five / / /

    The Poptown Syndicate - Protection Orange Juice Jones - Walking in the rain Gil Scott-Heron - Did you hear what they said? Mantronix - Bassline (12" mix) Legowelt - Fizzcarldo
  10. seppuku

    "what you wore today"

    White Le Tigre polo with horizontal black stripes S White YSL tuxedo jacket 35R Black CK pants 29 Red cloth belt Red Cloak socks White Burberry Prorsum laceups 11 Drinking sweet tea and listening to Mantronix
  11. seppuku

    kids these days

    I can't believe the audacity of that kid! You should make a thread about it on 12ozprophet.com
  12. seppuku

    Prom Time!

    i posted that a couple weeks ago.. Quoted post [/b] Wow, a couple of weeks, you say? That picture has been around for like two years now.
  13. seppuku

    ¤ ¤ Nochnoi Dozor ¤ ¤

    Seen it about a year ago. I don't remember much about it... It's not a bad movie, but not a very good one, either.
  14. seppuku

    CASSHERN . . . Holy fuck this looks good.

    Not only is it old, it's also quite bad.
  15. seppuku

    Woman Trades Daughter for car

    I before e.