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  1. More specific's please!! Like what type of stuff does it come with (example: power cord, usb cable, fire....)
  2. Just read that a snake blew up after eating a gator, man I thought that snakes could eat whole cows without any problems! Read the story If this has been posted already my back!
  3. you ever heard of a rusty dick, well make sure she cleans that hole, or you will end up with a rusty dick!!!!
  4. This one's the shit kids!!! you all just dont know how hard it is to get a nice girl!!
  5. Damn Lens your misses is HOT!!!
  6. Nice photo's great why to spead two gee's, although did you get to bone one of those asian school girls!!!! :idea:
  7. that shit looks really pathetic!!! When the whole graffiti ads first started it seemed like things were going to start happening, now it's a big fabricated fubu 99¢ rip off!!! An all you fucker's that are trying to milk it are pretty much burning any future evolution for yourselfs. Love it of leave it!!
  8. Someone in CMW needs to regulate zeb and make him drop tbc, your crew is going to start getting a bad wrap. TOO many pussies in tbc!!!! :yuck: :yuck:
  9. This bitch looks like jay lo's transexual sibling!!!!! For some reason she also reminds me of John Leguzamo, bitch is straight butch, she'll bite your dick right off!!!!! :shook: :shook:
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