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  1. salad tossed in some honey mustard dressing. topped with parmesan crusted tilapia. for the fam i made hawaiian bbq beef and some potato salad. jasmine rice. dee aka lowcarbingit
  2. random thot 10.27 that new keanu movie looks pretty good. John Wick. 86% on rotten tomatoes. speaking of keanu, also enjoyed the pilot for Constantine. one of my fav movies, just because. and i felt they did a pretty good job for the pilot..... chaz is probably my favorite character right now.
  3. DEE38


    yeah i forgot about it for a month.. then signed on.. still the same. people seem to be just parking and reserving pages but i don't see a lot of stuff happening. yet? its kinda like i don't even know what to do on it AND like you said i don't even know where to navigate because it's all like driving in one of those euro cars where my wheel's on the left side instead of the right!
  4. DEE38


    Anyone on ello yet? ello.co it's like hipster facebook.. lots of artists I know are already on that train.
  5. 61 :(. But on a Chem test AND the azn girl in your class got an 82... don't feel so bad. what are you majoring in?
  6. MC, I've seen that. worst than the stick figure family stickers on the back. housework. and just baked some chocolate chip muffins for after dinner. dee38 aka domesticated38
  7. I got it at Walmart but around the fancy cheese section with fancy crackers. It has the consistency of a very thin crunchy cookie (like the gluten free ones, which i like) but not chewy. super crunchy, and tastes fantastic. like the hella cooked ends of a brownie. that one had sprinkles of sea salt and caramel chips. it was bomb. and i HATE a lot of things chocolate. like cake and ice cream.
  8. for fist, from dlush: "Awe that's awesome! Tell them I say hello. Wow, I haven't thought about the OZ in forever but I do wonder where a lot of people are...tesseract, pistol, That one couple...gosh I forgot her name. She was half flip and lived in Italy and her boyfriend lived in Canada and they met on the oz. mr bojangles! The joker!" :D -- random thots 10.22 at work, just had a vending machine breakfast burrito, still hungry. it's too quiet in my classroom... need to put on pandora, but dont know what station. why is it still fucking hot and it's almost november. oh yeah, vegas. oh shit. need to start on my kids halloween costumes.
  9. oliver gwendolyn acrylic on wood
  10. Some good stuff! I'll post some later. Really diggin' the hand lettered black and white boards.
  11. Not graf.. but I do enjoy putting together zines for my husband, who does pen and ink work. small run of 30 and die cut by hand! :D i like this thread.
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