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  1. word. amazon dot com here i come
  2. yes yes yes goonies, revenge of the nerds, slapshot, breakfast club, gleaming the cube and whatnot im glad to see you all have excellent taste in 80s movies so help me figure out what film abortion im thinking of
  3. heres the deal all day ive been trying to think of the name of a movie that came out sometime in the eighties. its about this teen who makes some concoction that turns him invisible, hijinks ensue, concoction runs out. he tries to make more, it doesnt work, turns out the secret ingredient is pigeon crap that fell in sometime during the process what is the name of this damn movie! ive been searching all day to no avail. someone?
  4. ill be at the bar so yea, thats where ill be girls yea...
  5. whoa, when's still alive? i thought you ran away and joined the circus or something. this is the second time i've been out here in 6 months. i'll be here till the end of april. i'm in norcal right now Quoted post [/b] fuck no i didnt run away those sons of bitches snatched me up while i was sleeping. northern california is awesome, yet southern california is where i dwell
  6. i cant wait to be in alabama next week, twenty ounce faygos for sixty five cents at every gas station i went to last time i was there weeee!
  7. wait wait wait mr. abracadabra is in california now? how long will he be out here for?
  8. ive been around beside a full time job during the day ive taken up side ventures in the afternoon and then i have my full time job of going to the bar at night (tonite is an off night)
  9. tattoos are soooo last year i didnt know that inked and miami ink were still on, tlc and discovery must not be pushing the promos too hard. i dunno im not too impressed by the tattoos ive seen on either show. then again im sure the guys on either show would say the same about my tattoos. meh... religion, politics and tattoos
  10. Hey nerds and nerdettes hows things? same old shit here, halloween rocked and tomorrow is tattoo day once again hooray
  11. hilarious thread i must say. gold, pure gold.
  12. dont you know if you speak of the devil and he shall appear. anywho ive been pretty fucking busy with my full time job during the day and my full time commitment to hang out at the bar at night
  13. no shit huh. one of these days hows things alure? no time no talk, by the way my favorite color is still clear, ha and someone, i wouldnt even think twice about buying that shirt id go with my first thought of no
  14. whats the haps kids anything new? exciting? boring? congrats on the new job pistol its a good thing from time to time i still cant belive in all these years now we havent gone to the strip club or gotten a drink
  15. ill be tipping a few back for krie tonite i still cant belive this shit it wasnt your time buddy
  16. i really dont know what to say definately one of the coolest people ive ever spoke to youll be missed buddy
  17. meh... okay heres the condensed version. i was with this girl for about 4 months things are going fine, were hanging out most everyday and screwing every night as the months and days roll on shes getting more and more clingy and wants to know what im doing when shes not around simple, im at the bar getting fucked up and shooting pool with my bar buddies so a vegas trip comes up for my roommates myself and a few friends i invite her to go, but she says she cant because some friends she knows are coming into town, so i go to vegas anyway and dont hear from her the whole weekend, strange. but when the friends leave the phone calls start back up and clingyness continues, this is when i get my doubts, but the sex is great so. anywho, about 4 weeks ago she tells me shes two days late. not a big deal since she just moved and has college stress. then 5 days go by, then a week, then a week and a half, we talk and she says if shes pregnant, she wants to keep it (fuck!) so anyhow a few more days go by and shes going to the bar every night with her friends, im getting pissed. i tell her to go buy a pregnancy test and come over so we can truly find out whats going on. she says she cant because shes packing to go to idaho to see her chick friend who i dont care for, she had told me before about the trip but i had forgot. so she leaves a few days before fourth of july weekend i try to call a few times to see how shes doing and she doesnt answer apparently cell phones dont work in idaho so here i am sitting at home sweating balls about having a kid all week so when she comes back she keeps up the charade i question her about her motives for going to idaho i already knew in the back of my mind anyhow that her chick friend wanted to hook her up with somebody who was 'right for her' so yea she says nothing happened between her and the dood but i dont buy so i dump her ass with a quickness, and she starts in about the pregnancy, i tell her in more words or less that i dont want a kid thats going to pop out of her crotch soaked in tequila and some other doods batter. she hangs up on me, i call her back yell at her some more and she finally then tells me that shes not pregnant, i go on a five minute curse fest on my phone in the bar parking lot and hang up on her. well she still calls me and leaves stupid ass messages every other day or so, i refuse to call back and also wish the worst for her. what she did is so fucking stupid i cant even begin to explain you dont fuck with someone you supposedly care about like that fuck her, i hope she... i dont even know, something bad... really bad.
  18. hey kids whats new, exciting and or different? by the way, snatch those two cars arcel the second one looks quite cancerous but woowee, fun project
  19. this has just been a plain shitty month -girlfriend fakes a pregnancy to keep me around while she goes to another state to fuck some guy (long story) -another car accident that somehow ended up being my fault -got fucked out of a prevailing wage job in seattle for the week -just lost a roommate last night meh. but on the brightside i get to finish the inside of my right arm this weekend and the females seem to be back on my nuts for the time being
  20. When

    Shisha (sp)

    ive been smoking hookah for quite a few years now its a great wind down after a shitty day at work or a hard night of drinking especially nice this time of year where i can sit out on my patio with a nice summers breeze at night, smoking hookah and checking out girls in the pool, ahh. current tobaccos: -double apple (my standard) -orange/mint -sweet melon -banana/grape
  21. hi there women and children just stopped by to say hello got back from vegas just now, and getting ready to grill something up for myself to eat hows everybody been?
  22. just got home from work fucking blows i tell you, i can hear all the 6-17 year olds going to school yelling there fucking heads off i dont mind the younger ones they need to have fun but the older high school aged kids voices are pissing me off loud ass 'nigga this, nigga that' shit, just shut the fuck up already. well im off to bed i think
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