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  1. And ah, where would we be without the obligatory diagram of the Hegelian model.
  2. Yeah. I know that just because I'm majoring in philosophy it doesn't make me an absolute authority, but what's going on with that page is all sorts of crap. It treats art as some form that's adherent to some inherent and common definition, while it's just some odd character forcing some objective stance on it. I'm all for using philosophy as a tool for understanding and exercising one's reason, but dumping high flying terms on everything that exists is just a complete waste of time. I realize there's a place for criticism in art in terms of historical context and its relationship to culture, etc. but to explain and define in such a particularly obtuse way just ends up moving everyone away from the initial point of looking at art in the first place.
  3. Harpo Marx


    Religious views don't directly intertwine with people's views of death and the afterlife? And in the event of one's non-belief in religion, which offers an explanation of post death experience, wouldn't science and its being at odds with religion have an impact on one's views of death?
  4. Harpo Marx


    "Science is not faith-based, and here’s why. The scientific method makes one assumption, and one assumption only: the Universe obeys a set of rules. That’s it. There is one corollary, and that is that if the Universe follows these rules, then those rules can be deduced by observing the way Universe behaves. This follows naturally; if it obeys the rules, then the rules must be revealed by that behavior." All but four of you read, but here's the link to the rest of the article anyway http://www.badastronomy.com/bablog/2008/02/18/is-science-faith-based/
  5. No threadfailz, I didn't post a source that claimed this little bastard swims up piss streams.
  6. Sorry man, didn't mean to ruin the feel-good movie buzz. Carry on.
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candirú This fish is feared to attack humans and animals and swim into an orifice (the vagina, anus, or even the penis—and deep into the urethra).[4] Because of spines protruding from the fish, it is almost impossible to remove except through surgery.[7] The fish locates its host by following a water flow to its source and thus urinating while bathing increases the chance of a candiru homing in on a human urethra. Natives have also been known to bathe facing the current, as doing so would decrease the chances of the organism lodging itself in the rectum.[citation needed] Other orifices such as the penis or vagina are covered up with the use of hands. fuck parasitic water dwellers. seriously.
  8. Re: when it's all said and done, modest mouse will probably be one of my favorite bands ev The world will fall to pieces but modest mouse will always be modest mouse
  9. The design/fill in the white space in that first one is on point.
  10. I read lolita last year. I know the term is cheap now but Nabokov is absolutely brilliant. That book is so intricate and so carefully written it makes my head spin. He also does his translating himself.
  11. Re: SUDDZ -Sudz- the fifteen year old 12oz OG.
  12. At first glance the stairs on the water tower look like they're disappearing into the sky.
  13. Truth be told I've had more problems with firefox than safari.
  14. I've got The Y2K 7'' from their European tour a while back. I also have the downpour 5'' and their split with coalesce on red. other stuff: Lincoln 7'', Piebald stuff starting with their first demo tape up to when life hands you lemons, a bunch of Usurp Synapse (including that ridiculous penis tour record), both of A Trillion Barnacle Lapse's hardcore 7''s, the first Daughters 7''... and a few other random things
  15. Would anyone here be at all remotely interested in hardcore records such as Saetia, Volume 11, Converge, Orchid, etc. I'm not looking to make bank, just giving them a proper home. PM if insterested
  16. Wine was conceived by the hangover deity
  17. Fuck salons, satan be damned if hair is so hard to cut that it costs upwards of 25 dollars.
  18. I wouldn't go so far as to call Mos Def a whiney bitch, the problem is that someone has given him a voice in a forum in which he has minimal knowledge.
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