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  1. i'm sorry but 4-5 years ago on this site that would have been called out..i could really care less but to much of the same shit is boring.
  2. i'm sorry but this just looks like you took a totem piece right out his book...lol:lol: :king:
  3. vancouver please...I know someone lives there.....I'm going there and wanna know some places!!!
  4. it looks like you just look at other graff and copy bits...I mean its pretty obvious, but whatever just keep practicing.....
  5. I'm going there for two weeks at the end of august just wondering if anybody knows any good stores...I'm looking for records,graff,cholting maybe, anything neat really....and anything round the city i gotra see.....thanks alot for any help.....
  6. dope mix same with brain frezze...i think they got a promotion on at hiphopsite.com for the dvd world tour with the cd with it..or something...
  7. that isnt even the real Dalai Lama....
  8. woo these like barely visible characters are in the back round of every page its dope...nice job....anyways I’m reading utopia by Sir Tomas More...just finished the republic and irrational man one by Plato the other William Barrett.....:lick:
  9. what you worrying about sounds like a fun few days
  10. dope album..the buckwild effect i swear..:yum:
  11. fuck its nice and all nice beats to chill too and scratches and stuff but i'm getting terid of hearing the same fucking sonds scratched..but then again its probley cause i always scratch...........
  12. was listening to john cage on the tables...now on the comp listing toooooooooo....uhhhh....portishead-sourtimes....into some danielson famile....:confused:
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