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  1. "To make marijuana against the law is like saying God made a mistake."
  2. Slunt:: I've only heard one tune and it's pretty good. But even if you don't like them for their music, you can't deny the fact that the two chicks who front this band are fine as hell. Jersey Band: Okay, this band is so sick it's not even funny. The line up is two tenor saxes, a baritone sax, trumpet, two guitars, and a drummer. I can't even describe the style, they are their own thing...I caught them live 2 weeks ago and I guess I could say it would be something like death/polka/ska/funk/marching band/choir...something like that. They bend the shit out of genres though, and their arrangements are so intricate I couldn't even believe what I heard. When I saw them the horn players were dressed as a banana, a bottle of mustard, a hot dog, and a slice of pizza. They act out all the shit they play, it's highly entertaining and well worth seeing live.
  3. Avoid Manhattan like the plague if traveling by car.
  4. I picked up a Ross road bike from the late 70's or so, early 80's, for $80 on craigslist. It does the job and isn't too flashy, I just may need to replace tires because who knows how long they've been on there.
  5. Pinup and i used to talk about taking shits and holding it in all the time
  6. do you want a cookie or something?
  7. i, for one, would stick my elbow in her nostril in an instant
  8. Right, I don't think he would put dinosaur fossils down here to simply fuck with our heads.
  9. Never had a problem with iTunes (after I actually learned how to use it). Can't wait 'till next month so I can cop the new Powerbook with the Tiger system.
  10. I got one word for ya'll: DINOSAURS!
  11. Whatever, i was gonna pack the bowl anyway.
  12. Focus on doing good in school and finishing on time. If anything, see if you can get a part time gig to save some money but also to be able to do fun things, since you'll be at college and that's the whole point. Enjoy it while you can, and start looking for a job before you get out of school. Assume it'll take you about 6 months to find decent gig.
  13. I live a pretty simple life as it is, so I don't really worry much about this kind of thing, since I'm always in buddha mode. I've also been crazy lucky to have parents that let me crash at their pad for about a year while I tried numerous times to move out. I got a part time gig that pays well and that sped up the saving too. I'm moving in less than 2 weeks, so now I'll have to manage rent, life insurance, a loan, credit card (only use it for vital stuff), phone, and food and what nots. I'm a little nervous about that, but I think I'll be cool as long as I keep working and being on good terms with the boss, pay off that loan and not go crazy with the credit card, and see if I can put aside a good sum at the end of each month for savings. Spending wisely on things that are really investments is key.
  14. This is like a juicer, but for coffee. Need to get me one of these.
  15. Grow up. The girl I'm seeing now told me it was okay for me to fart in front of her. I told her she really shouldn't have said that.
  16. I've been using non-iPod headphones lately so that people think i'm really listening to a disc man.
  17. Not having a car saves you so much money it's not even funny.
  18. Key, you think you're so cool. I can get that shit on the subway from the little asian ladies that walk through the cars with the little plastic toy ducks that go "quacky quacky quacky". Top that, sucka. This movie looks pretty dope though. I read a good review and I'm intrigued by the whole thing being big on eye candy tricks and what not, so I'm gonna try to go see that sometime.
  19. If you're gonna get an Ipod, might as well spend the extra dough and go with a 20 Gig. The mini is a kind of a rip off. A friend of mine has a 30 or 40 GB iRiver, and he can record live music using a microphone, and it sounds just like a mini disk recording (which is pretty damn excellent) without the hassle of minidiscs. If I could go back in time, I would have gone with an iRiver because of that recording feature. The iPod has one but it's for lectures/voice recording. Anything loud gets all distorted like you were using a tape recorder, at least that's what I've heard. But I can't complain about the iPod, except I would love to compare battery life between the two.
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