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  1. was the braze caught or u stole it ? if you did catch it thats the catch of a life time circa 84-86
  2. roll through harlem with all your money .... get killed.. one less dick face in graff
  3. i all ready capped everything i could find but hes a persistant little fuck and i have better things to do then watch some spot fovrhim to keep coming back
  4. hhahaha patch you got it dont fuck with the gorilla ninga akballer
  5. so i have this production rididng matching colors and backround with two other people.. this idiot caped a little peice of one of them so i fixed it and wrote some stuff like stay off the production and all.. Now the kid just insists on writing toy in horible writing on only my peice?? how do you get this toy to stop going over things short of beating his ass?
  6. in my opinion heat is the upfe/refrigerater king, home boy george burns the cold steel..
  7. dude aint dead stay off the nuts hit sqaud .. all city krunk just because someone slows down or takes a hiatis dosnt mean hes done fuck some rest in piecs shit dick weed..!!!
  8. this cat meca is one of the tuffest cats out right now wow..
  9. listen man just go look at yourself in the mirror for a while like really look at your narcesitic self and come to the realization that you are gay. dont hate yourself for it or hide behind some make up just face the facts its okay.
  10. yo that picture is the illest thing i have ever seen in my life ..... and girls doo poop it smelled worse than mine
  11. so my girl is out of town for the weekend and theirs this girl ive been wanting to dig out since the 12th grade . i cal her up set up a date, we go get spanish food some good stuff. we go back to her crib and i gotta shit like really bad. i was trying to play it of but i kept farting and finally i was just like " so how do you fell about pooping on the first date". she looked at me and started laphing and was like are you serious? anyways to make a long storry short we both had been holding it in and shit one after another and then went and had dope sex but i kept smelling poop. is this out of line feedback..
  12. dude in my city its out of control this one kid just got the chair and my other frein is on death row i got caught driving over the tracks with a flat tire and got 6 months peolple should really stay away far far away shit is hot in the streetsrite now
  13. ive been farting in a jar for a year now ive gotten two full tanks off methane i refuse topay 220 a galon .. i figure if i get my girl and all my freinds to fart in a jar for me ill never have to buy gas again..
  14. mber is the best thing to ever happen to this trendy bullshit... cleaning up the line is exactly what he is/ was doing the haters were probably the ones getting capped... primer coat
  15. much is by far one of the best to do this nowa days i see 99% toy stuff go by and the lines are filled with it if people would get a clue and studdy stuff like this graffiti would be MUCH more wonderful... heavy metall allstars mineapolis mn, no on comes close
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