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  1. the fuck you doing my side of the water?
  2. i just came back from playing football for the first time in months and damn i'm in pain. and i was lousy. good fun though. can't wait for the CL to start up again, especially Lyon against Man U, i really want to see Lyon pull off an exploit, with their youngsters Benzema and Ben Arfa looking reaaaaaally good at the moment. and for the Euro, anyone here thinks that France WON'T take it? C'mon...
  3. Pinup


    yoooooo. those velcro shoes are finished. i'm back to boring old laces, but same model of shoe (5th consecutive pair). dude, the trip i'm just starting is sucking the cash out of me, but when i'm rich then america and canada will come high on the list. believe. what happened to me? meh, just got a bit busier i guess. haha i remember you looking exhausted as fuck after travelling and my friend then insisting we watch the simpsons (in french). and then you tried to sit down in the subway and missed the seat. awesome.
  4. Pinup


    just sent him a message through myspace courtesy of ABC. we shall see.
  5. Pinup


    hey god knows how long it's been since i've posted here but maybe some semi-OGs remember me. i salute them. this is a quick message to ask if anybody knows what has become of iquit and if he's still in Hong Kong? i'm making my way over there thursday for a couple of days. iquit if you read this: i dont need a place to crash. just to drink. and maybe paint. get at me!
  6. yeah rental, i actually had to renew my password and shit to post a message! bored at home eating olives.
  7. the only thing my fridge has that is worthwile is olives.
  8. want to take over my flat and pay rent over the summer.
  9. hahahahahah, so basically: -you were that herb in the coffee shop taking shitty macros of cake you know the only thing that's worse than dutch wiggers acting american? american backpackers acting american.
  10. Re: You know when you get into a fight and later remember things you should have said you know both of you need to shut the fuck up when you're laying your pictures down like they were Magic cards
  11. Pinup


    white as snow. i'm not sure what to think. what's up with the props button - couldn't we have followed through with Mero's "Punch Motherfuckers" option?
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