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  1. Yeah, and was once reppin BA crew with a lot of people I have no idea how you never learned about. He's the american equiv of Neck and Seak.
  2. you guys really don't know??? oh man. http://www.Misk1.com
  3. This was fun and games, but that just ruined it.
  4. Misk1's # is =========== Blow that shit UP. Hhaahhahaa.
  5. Soup BDC


    Haha I was taking turns at 45 mph, then hit 52 on the straightaway. SF folks need to take bart to orinda and get up in the hills more. edit: not that i'm bragging, or anything.
  6. It took a foreigner to remember he's on the fiver. Sweet.
  7. oh wait, fuck: Tuesday, May 2, 2006 The penny is being pinched by the rising cost of production. It could now cost 1.4 cents for the U.S. Mint to make each penny, according Gannett News Service. The first thing to understand is that the penny is not what it seems. The coin is 97.5 percent zinc; copper plating makes up the remaining 2.5 percent. Last year, the Mint produced each penny for 0.97 of a cent. That was before the price of zinc more than doubled. The Mint says it is not possible to nail down the cost of each coin right now but acknowledged the lowly penny has grown more expensive.
  8. save $.0019 and give lincoln the finger.
  9. Girl tells you tonight tee and jeans won't cut it, what do you do?
  10. I'm not big on clothing, but a few girls said they're tired of me wearing the same three shirts and two shorts... so I'm thinking im about to cave. I just fuckin hate this "shit-on-shirt" screen printing and how everything's brown, black, grey, or plad. I've got bright-ass shirts (Think surf company shirts from '01, Green, Yellow, Blue, Red) Bright ass shoes: So I'm trying to keep it going instead of buying a bunch of shit that looks like '06 industry chiches. Anyway, help me out an' post shit with colors. Not 80's colors, but colors. Hah that's all i got.
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