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  1. YOU ARE KILLING ME on the interweb scienctifics!!!!!!! :lol: get at me
  2. E was one of the nicest most genuine dudes ever. we met a few times at the bpt wall and talked on here. we were talking about random bands from back in the day and whatnot at the wall and a week later a cd of one of the bands we were talking about arrived in my mailbox w/ a note basically saying he knew id be psyched to have the cd and that i should now own it instead of him. such a stand up guy,so rare. RIP HOMIE.....
  3. ha, fair enough but remember what happened to you guys the season before last....


    nope, i just swim 2 days a week at the gym and ride for the fun of it at a very leisurely pace the other 2 or 3. mainly just trying to counter a horrid diet. surfing takes up my "obsession" time these days...


    its gay......... annnnnnnnnd i do it all the time. haha...
  6. damn you west coast fools are running this thread! haha. i guess all the east peeps are busy w/ our worth the watch baseball teams.... eagles bum me out this year. nfc east is gonna gobble us up....
  7. been there done all that tus far. its rad. bike shares are the best invention ever. fist, eat shit.....
  8. im here. whats to do? where can i get paint/stuff.....
  9. im wondering why that song had to be converted to some neo gospel anthem? wtf was that shit about? i dont care if 90% of the players in the nfl are black, that shit didnt seem right


    ok last few pages have been very good since my last post. carry on fellas... ps: better axe somebody aabout that richard sachs. his bikes are sooooooo fucking dope.
  11. yeah im not talking about new years day, thats my shit. just NYE, rookie night..
  12. on par w/ haloween for the most annoying holiday. amateur hour


    i ignore this thread (and 12oz) for a few months for the most part and all hell has broken loose. yous are back patting each other and saying shit like wooden handlebars and platform peds are cool. if i had any motivation id make a "faggot fuck poseur fixie bike" thread. im keeping the disconnect alive, that shit doesnt count as bikes...
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